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Global Asset Finance

Who We Are

The team at Global Asset Finance came together with experience gained throughout a number of areas within the banking and asset and commercial finance industry, With an initial move into aircraft finance and leasing the strength of the company grew. The next logical step was to offer our services to suppliers of all suppliers of all types of equipment and services. Global Asset Finance agreed facilities with major banks and finance companies, throughout Europe, North and South America and the Far East. This enabled Global Asset Finance to set up finance packages for suppliers of all types of equipment and capital assets.

What We Do

Our success is the packaging of suppliers and customer’s into acceptable tranches for our funders and partners. This has enabled us to pick up sizeable accounts and secure them by offering a very much hands-on service, improving sales figures and profitability. Especially pertinent in this area is our commitment to offering training to our suppliers sales force on how to Sell on Finance.

Our Mission Statement

While reading these pages on the website, you may noticed that we like to describe Global Asset Finance as the correct company name as in the ‘Global’ Asset Finance Limited. This is not a frivolous label, chosen for convenience, Instead, it is a description that captures the vision, ambition and philosophy of Global Asset Finance.

We are a leader in our field. We finance assets throughout the world, with a multicultural customer base, from the small start business and entrepreneur, airlines to State-owned companies, even to the Governments assisting with various projects. We continue expand, particularly in new markets. We are striving to achieve the leadership position in growth area’s and thereby, establish a truly global presence.

We also believe in diversity and incorporating the best in all cultures, There is a value in fostering in the different perspectives and approaches contributed by our skilled people around the world. I am convinced that the clear focus on developing our market opportunities while concentrating on achieving greater efficiencies will enable Global Asset Finance to strengthen our position. And ultimately, this benefits our customers, shareholders and our people around the world.

Stephen Gruenewald – Managing Director

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