Account Receivables Management

account receivables management

Insolvency UK is a subsidiary of Global Asset Finance Limited with a specialist receivables management team experienced in both public and private sectors B2B and B2C and across a diverse range of industries.

Credit Control

Given the limitations on headcount and the modern philosophy of outsourcing, we provide client with a well established Credit Control Service.

In its simplest form, the facility comprises the despatch of in-house reminders under the client’s own identity and at pre-determined intervals. A more complex and usual requirement incorporates payments handling, pro-active telephone chasing and some customer services element, all under the client’s own identity.

Where a client requires a rolling collection process, through Credit Control, Debt Collection and Litigation, the client never suspects that they are dealing with the same organisation throughout. In effect we become an integral part of a client’s operations.

Debt Collection

Credit is again growing rapidly, after a pause during the early 90’s, because the provision of credit remains fundamental to our commercial society. Credit screening and scoring are greatly improved, after the experience of the last deep recession. Yet, there will always be debt and there must be a professional industry for its collection. To recognise the bad credit risk must be first base. However, where credit screening fails and in-house collection activity is not working, the involvement of a Debt Collection Agency is increasingly the preferred solution.

We deploy the whole range of collection solutions; the most flexible lettering and telephone collection system and a close alliance with other agents who provide door to door collections together with a partnership with solicitors to provide enforcement.

  • Tracing Gone Away’s
  • Counselling Debtors
  • Negotiating Settlements
  • Monitoring payment planÕs
  • Repossession of assets and equipment
  • Status Reports
  • Debt Collection and Litigation

We are not only interested in Prime Debt, we are also enthusiastic about Post Legal, Write Off, Second Placement and Trace and Collect. No Collection No Fee.

Field Support Services

As modern business return to core products and activities, it’s important for them to establish and progressively develop partnerships with external contractors.In fact, the term external is not entirely appropriate, since the relationship should be so close that the contractor is perceived as an integral part of the business.

One of the most challenging activities to be outsourced is any kind of field operation, given the implications for communication, supervision and control, the kind of clients that require this field support are particularly sensitive to the quality of customer contact and management.

Enforcement of Debts

We regard Distress or Distrait as a last resort and settle the vast majority of debts by our dialogue with the debtor, or court action what is more appropriate.

Reporting to Clients

The design of the reports can be specific to meet the client’s needs and can be generated daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

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