Acerchem Group Companies Testimonial

We are a professional distribution company of nutritional and health raw materials. Our business is all over Europe, the United States and the Pacific area.

Our business is growing rapidly every year. Our customers ask us for longer account period. Our suppliers want us to pay early. Our stock occupies a large amount of funds.

These factors affect our business growth. We find that we own the capital is difficult to meet the needs of business development.

We found Global Asset Finance Limited; they helped us find Invoice Factoring, Supply Chain Finance , Inventory Finance and Trade Finance partners in Europe, the United States of America and Singapore.

The Managing director Mr. Stephen Gruenewald is very professional and patient, because we are not familiar with the European and global invoice factoring market and do not know which factoring companies are suitable for our company.

Stephen Gruenewald helped us contact factoring companies to helped us analyze the strength of each company.

They recommend finance companies that are suitable for us, and ultimately help us achieve business growth.


我们是一个专业营养健康原料的分销公司,我们的业务遍布欧洲、美国、环太平洋地区,公司业务每年快速增长,我们的客户向我们要求更长的帐期,我们的供应商希望我们提早付款,我们的库存占用资金比较大,这些因素影响到我们的业务增长, 我们发现自有资金很难满足业务发展的需要。我们找到了Global Asset Finance Limited公司,他帮助我们在欧洲、美国、新加坡寻找保理的合作伙伴,Managing director Mr.Stephen Gruenewald 非常专业、耐心,因为我们对欧洲保理市场不熟悉,不知道哪些保理公司能适合我们公司,他帮我们联系各个保理公司,帮助我们分析各个公司的优点,推荐适合我们的保理公司,最终能帮助我们实现业务的增长。


Nancy Wu
Strategic Director

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