Asset & Equipment Refinancing

asset and equipment refinancing

We offer low cost asset refinance for you to raise money against your equipment and assets. Do you own any equipment? Why not RELEASE MONEY from it today?

Asset and Equipment Refinance / Sale and Leaseback

Many businesses are unaware that it is possible to release cash that may be tied up in vehicles or machinery.

The process is quite straightforward is, much like remortgaging a building, there are funders prepared to lend money secured against vehicles and machinery that have a ready second hand value. A tax efficient way of raising money for your business just Re-finance any equipment.

AssetĀ and Equipment Refinance for any size of business Improved cash flow.


Asset refinance will release the money and capital that you have tied up in both assets such as machinery, vehicles, plant , as well as buildings. This money will help you to respond to today’s business challenges. We have the flexibility to help you in almost all situations.


We are able to arrange asset refinance on both your existing leasing agreements as well as Lease Purchase (HP) agreements, where we can settle the outstanding amounts with the original funder, and then spread the cost over a more manageable time frame for yourselves. By freeing up capital tied up in your assets will give you the freedom to expand or restructure.


Companies never stay the same, they are always changing and evolving. With asset refinance, this will give the capital that you require for acquisitions, MBO’s, Pre pack’s or turnarounds & restructuring. It will also be able to help you overcome seasonal cash flow fluctuations.

Our asset refinance plan will let you keep your existing banking lines free for your day to day working, but gives you the freedom or extra cash flow, which you can use to either expand your business, to seize new sales opportunities, or to help you recover from recent financial challenges that your company might have faced.

Typical Assets Refinance:

The assets that we will look at with our asset refinance plan include:-

Asset refinancing enables you to release cash against the value of your existing assets and equipment and is an effective way to boost your cash flow.

We will work closely with you to get the most from your asset and equipment refinancing facility.

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