Bakery Equipment Finance

bakery equipment finance

We have helped hundreds of bakeries and coffee shops up and down the country replacing old equipment.

Looking for a way to finance an important piece of equipment?

New, more efficient, more profitable machinery without damaging their day to day finances is just a phone call away.

By choosing to finance your equipment over paying cash you can maintain a healthy cash flow and spread the cost between smaller tax deductible payments over a longer period of time.

Fortunately artisan bakeries are experiencing a surge in popularity. Bakers who have the ideas and technical ability don’t always have deep pockets and with bakery equipment being costly, more and more are asking Global Asset Finance to supply the dough.

For example, if you are looking for Coffee Shop Finance then Global Asset Finance can help:

  • Ancillary Equipment
  • Bakery Equipment
  • Catering Equipment
  • Chocolate Equipment
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Display Equipment
  • Hygiene / Food Safety Equipment
  • Mixers
  • Ovens
  • Sandwich Making Equipment

As well as Bakery equipment we can also provide finance solutions to help in the purchase of Bakery Business or a Coffee Shop Business.

Global Asset Finance will help you to identify a suitable financial service for your circumstances which will enable you to spread the cost of your new equipment and improve your business’ working capital.

We will show you a positive way forward!

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