Supply Chain Finance

Due to the ever-changing nature of the global economic environment and global trade tensions, supply chains around the world are faced with the threat of major disruption. Continuity and certainty of business are of increasing concern. The supply chain finance (SCF) solution steps in to address this issue by ensuring suppliers around the world, no
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2020: UK Property Market Calmer Waters

2019 was a year that will live long in the memory. As we predicted, from its outset, it was dominated by Brexit. The government’s lack of majority meant their Brexit bill was continually rejected and any kind of compromise seemed impossible. By May, Theresa May was out and we had a leadership contest and a
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Types of Trade Finance & How it Helps with Working Capital

What is trade finance? Trade finance is the financial assistance provided in the field of international trade and commerce through the use of various financial products. A plethora of financial products fall under the ambit of international trade finance, each of which is designed to ease the conduct of business among importers and exporters around
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Affected By Long Payment Terms?

For food and drinks manufacturers, there is nothing more exciting than landing your first big deal with one of the leading supermarkets. However, problems can quickly arise from securing large orders with big brands, especially when it comes to Cashflow. Big orders, low Cashflow As you begin to ramp up production and grow your business,
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Invoice Discounting

As you companies prepare for Christmas and you may notice that your bank account is a little less flush than it usually is. The cost of the festive season quickly mounts up. The same can be said for businesses too. The festive season is often very lucrative for businesses thanks to the Black Friday sales, the
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Working Capital and Cashflow Solutions

Working capital is the lifeblood of a company. We recognise that businesses need funding at different points of their trading cycle and want a straightforward end-to-end solution. In response, Global Asset Finance Limited and its funding partners has developed a new offering the Flexible Trading Account. This is a single, multifaceted finance solution that supports our
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Putting the “X” into Xmas

It’s difficult to read too much into the current housing data because the combination of Brexit and an election mean people are sitting tight while they wait to see what’s happening next. The hiatus, however, is likely to be short – the moment the election is over there may well be a surge in activity,
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Funding For UK SME’s

The colder, darker weather appears, for many it is a time to hibernate but for small businesses, the run-up to Q4 is anything but sleepy. With Black Friday come and gone and around the corner Christmas with local trader Christmas markets and then follow into the New Year Sales is fast approaching too, now is
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Invoice Finance Helping Your Business Cashflow

Transport and haulage businesses can be incredibly profitable and are certainly in demand with the growing e-commerce market. However, the transport industry has many challenges, such as unpredictable fuel prices and high operational costs. Additional difficulties, such as a varying workload and short-term contracts, can make it difficult to predict your finances and make managing your
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Construction Finance

4.1% increase in construction contract awards for October 2019 The value of all construction contract awards in October 2019 was £4.9bn based on a three-month rolling average, which is an increase of 4.1% on September, and an increase of 28.5% when compared with October 2018. The number of contract awards increased by 22.4% in October
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