Unlock your growth potential

Business news headlines are often dominated by large public firms, yet it is usually #SME’s that provide some of the most exciting growth stories. There are around 5.5 million SME’s in the UK, accounting for 99.9% of private sector business. Now consider that a study conducted by Albion Ventures found that one in five of
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How the UK’s Fintech scene is scaling up to the challenge

London might have positioned itself as the most attractive European city for digital entrepreneurs, according to the European Digital City Index, but what happens when a new wave of #Fintech start-ups want to scale-up, and will #Brexit thwart their plans? The way consumers and businesses spend, save and invest money has changed dramatically over the
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How to Finance a Start-Up Business

Some say “all you need is a good idea” when it comes to starting your own business, however if you don’t have the finances available, it will always stay as just this – an idea. If you would like to see your business start-up dreams become a reality you’re going to need funding. Here we’ll
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Is the alternative finance vs. traditional finance hype now quietening?

A few years back, alternative finance swept in and turned the finance market on its head. Banks weren’t’ quite sure what had hit, and start-ups couldn’t believe their luck. Now, things are starting to cool off. Alternative finance has made its mark, traditional finance is adapting to demand, and there’s even talk of the two
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Trading Places: SMEs and International Trade

News that the EU has negotiated a free-trade deal with Japan has thrown such agreements to the fore, once again. The deal is set to link around a third of the world’s export of goods and has been hailed by EU President, Donald Tusk, as evidence that global economies are resisting protectionism. Despite renewed debate
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The prize no business wishes to win – which industry has the longest payment terms?

#Cashflow. It’s a word that you as a #SME business is likely encounter more frequently than your own company name. It’s the ship upon which your business sails, and if it’s not managed correctly, it’ll be the ship on which your business sinks. Which is frustrating, of course, because chances are you’re doing everything you
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Flexible Factoring for Transport and Distribution Businesses

How to drive Your Business Growth in the Right Direction The UK may be on track for #Brexit split from the EU. However, it certainly hasn’t slowed down the United Kingdom’s haulage industry. In fact, according to the latest stats from the International Transport Forum the global logistics sector is set to quadruple in size by
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A month of Property Ups and Downs!

Last month all the headlines were about three months of falls in Nationwide’s House Price Index. This month they are all about a bounce back – a 1.1% rise reversing the previous falls. Rightmove’s index, in contrast, showed signs of healthy growth in May (+1.1%), but in June it dipped into negative territory (-0.4%). Robert
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Discounts imposed by larger retail stockists a problem?

When it comes to slashing prices, no one does it better than the big guns. Just look at Cotswold Fayre, one of Britain’s biggest speciality food and drink wholesale distributors. In late 2016, it offered a huge 50% discount sale on a huge range of products. Needless, to say, buyers scrambled to snap up the deals. They
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Commercial Property Market

Global Asset Finance Limited offers a dedicated and bespoke service aimed at the commercial market, and have over 120 lenders from high street banks to niche property lenders to choose from. We help clients find finance for HMOs and BTLs, semi-commercial & commercial properties, light/heavy refurbishments and new developments for single and multi-plots. We have
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