Managing your Supply Chain in any growing business

As your business grows, the industry environment and climate evolve. As a result, what was once working for your supply chain may not be as efficient anymore? Furthermore, it a very delicate structure, one that needs nurturing and attention. So, what can you do to manage your supply chain when your business is growing? Know
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What has the UK Government Proposed for affordable housing Standards?

The former Prime Minister Theresa May announced in June 2019 several aims concerning the government’s plan for affordable homes. As part of these plans, May outlined a rise of new design standards to ensure the production of high-quality homes for the long-term. Bundled with guarantees for improved tenant’s rights, May’s new standards hoped to balance
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Invoice Discounting & How Could It Help Your Business

For many businesses, poor Cashflow is a sticking point of the organisation. Instead of worrying about where the next source of income is coming from, flexible invoice discounting can help to unlock the money that is yours but currently tied up in invoices. So, is unlocking revenue and improving cash flow through flexible invoice discounting
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Housing market keeps calm and carries on…

The election of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister has added, in the short term, to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. Will there be a hard Brexit, or will there be a last minute compromise? And what will the consequences of a hard Brexit actually be? We will not know the answers until at least the October
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Invoice Discounting & Supply Chain Finance

For any business, managing cash flow is always a tricky problem as firms try to ensure prompt payments from their clients and for their suppliers. Fortunately, thanks to the rise of alternative financing, it is now even easier for businesses to manage their Cashflow. From Invoice Discounting to supplier finance or even a combination of
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Invoice Discounting Differs From Invoice Factoring

Working out the best financial solution for your business when it is suffering from cash flow problems is key to regaining control of the situation within your business. When there are so many different options to consider, the whole process can be particularly challenging. Finding yourself in a situation where Cashflow has become an issue
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Improve Your Working Capital

You want to exceed customer expectations with credit terms, but you also need to keep on the good side of suppliers to ensure the best deals and maintain healthy relationships. However, to balance both means you need a healthy cash flow. The only way to ensure you have good cash flow is by having a fantastic working capital
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Manage Your Creditor Ledger

Credit control is the last thing that many businesses worry about. The priority for a young or established businesses is on customer acquisition and increasing sales and not having the right back office processes in place to manage your sales and Cashflow with proactive credit control and dispute resolution. The sales team do not like
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Supply Chain Finance – What’s It All About?

Over the last few years, Global Asset Finance Limited has been striving to solve the common problem of cash flow that is experienced by thousands of SMEs. We started out as in 1993 as a broker / financier, with the aim to give small businesses the control and freedom of when they pay their suppliers
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Some Summer Sunshine for the UK Property Market?

Even though we are now moving into one of the quieter periods of the year, there have been some interesting developments in the sales market. The latest data from NAEA Propertymark (National Association of Estate Agents) suggests the market may be shrugging off Brexit worries and is bouncing back. According to their figures, the number
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