Tools for Supply Chain Finance disrupters

So much of the press around supply chain finance recently has focussed on the rights and wrongs of powerful buyers such as Tesco and Carillion using Supply Chain Finance to soften the blow of a forced extension to their payment terms and it got us wondering where this notion of a suppliers right to receive
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2019: It’s going to be an interesting year for the UK Property Market

As expected, 2018 was a year shaped by Brexit, although its full impact was not really felt until the autumn. In fact, the housing market started 2018 in relatively brisk fashion, with prices rising by 0.6%. The figures, however, hid some wide variations across the regions. Prices fell in London, where affordability was already reaching
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Guide for import and export businesses

In our interconnected world where instantaneous global communication is taken for granted, it’s easier than ever to do business anywhere in the world. However, while the opportunities are plentiful, the process of buying and selling internationally is not without its risks and complications. There are many variables at play, with volatile exchange rates, cash flow
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What’s Christmas got in store this year for UK Property?

With Brexit dominating the headlines, it’s increasingly difficult to ignore, especially with so much yet to be resolved. For the moment, though, it is not having as big an effect on the housing market as you might expect, especially outside of London and the Southeast. According to Hometrack, discounts on asking prices – a good
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Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance constitutes an arrangement between a buyer, a supplier, and a financial intermediary where the credit standing of the buyer is leveraged to improve the working capital position of a supplier. Typically, such arrangements involve a large, financially strong company that is supplied by several SMEs and innovative start-ups, and a financial intermediary
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Banks work to define common standards for supply chain finance

With the market for supply chain finance schemes set for explosive further growth, Europe’s largest transaction banks are coming together to define common terminology as they look to expand their range of services and compete for cross-border business. Recent research from Demica cited supply chain finance as the ‘must have’ accessory for transaction banks, revealing average
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Why Stock Finance doesn’t always stack up (and why Purchase Finance may be a better alternative)

I meet a lot of businesses that are terribly disappointed with their Stock Finance facilities. Here’s some reasons why what they got from their lender, just didn’t match up with the expectations: 1.       Valuations Business owners look at a warehouse full of the product they love and see £2M worth of invoices to future satisfied
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Supplier Payments fit for performance?

New government regulations have been introduced to force companies to publicly report both their supplier payment practices AND their actual supplier payment performance. There is no doubt that late payment is a key issue for businesses large and small. It can have a massively detrimental impact on cash flow, strangling the growth prospects of otherwise
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Has the Fireworks started this month?

Prices are still rising, but at a slower pace than they have done in recent years. According to Rightmove, asking prices were up by 1% – their lowest rise for the month of October since 2010. The issues of stretched affordability and the uncertainty caused by Brexit are well documented. However, a new factor is
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Funding the UK Manufacturing

Following the number of enquiries we’ve had from growing companies operating in the manufacturing sector, it seems traditional banks are unwilling, or more likely unable, to support British manufacturers to the levels they require. Which is not only holding back resurgence in UK manufacturing, but also damaging to the individual businesses and to the UK
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