UK House Prices Slowing Down

There has been a lot of focus this month on the latest report from Nationwide, which shows house prices have now fallen for 3 months in a row. After so many years of house price rises, we have all begun to believe prices only ever travel in one direction – up. Most commentators, however, were
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Funding for Lending Scheme

During these difficult economic times and #Brexit looming, the Government has introduced schemes to help stimulate growth and improve lending and with the promise of 9 regional trade departments throughout the UK.  One such initiative was Project Merlin, where the major high street banks were given quarterly lending targets to meet however, this has now
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How Clean Are You?

‘Clean eating’ has been a popular trend for some time now and it is not stopping with food. People are now opting for ‘clean beauty’ as well, a trend that is not only beneficial for your skin but for animals and the environment too. The movement is becoming increasingly recognisable with the Soil Association leading campaigns like ‘Come
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Top Tech Trends for 2017

Every year there is a wealth of new trends and innovations in digital technology and FinTech 2017 is shaping up to be no exception. Here’s a look at some of the most important and influential emerging trends in the world of technology and how it relates to our habits as consumers. Artificial intelligence and smart
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Will 2017 bring a surge in use of invoice financing platforms?

The use of invoice financing and other asset-based lending mechanisms has been increasing for some time among companies across the UK but 2017 could see a strikingly sharp rise in the scale of the market and the prevalence of the associated solutions. Alternative lending platforms such as invoice financing have become particularly popular among SMEs
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UK General Elections and House Prices

The recent announcement of a snap election by Theresa May has come as a surprise to everyone and has added an extra degree of uncertainty at a time when we are already dealing with the fallout from the EU Referendum. But what effect will it have on the housing market? Although elections do traditionally cause
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Why Label Selective Invoice Finance Just to the SME?

Despite the fact that the alternative finance market is tailored largely towards the needs of SMEs, there’s no reason why the concept should not be embraced by larger enterprises. As the movement towards blue chip selective invoice financing (SIF) gathers drive, we’re exploring the benefits of ‘alt-fi’ for big business, and the exciting new opportunities
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FinTech businesses may be fast and flash but are they safe?

Financial technology (fintech) has been among the most dynamic start-up arenas of recent years with ambitious new businesses continuing to muscle in on an increasingly broad array of banking sector services. Their lack of scale and legacy infrastructure has given fintech start-ups a valuable degree of flexibility as they look to outcompete and outmanoeuvre much
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Invoice Factoring Versus Selective Invoice Finance

SMEs have been hampered by slow paying customers for decades. This problem has seemingly worsened over recent years. Traditional financing methods such as Factoring and Invoice Discounting have been used by those businesses experiencing payment problems for many years. These products are generally subject to a one or two year agreement and all the clients’ invoices will
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Prices find the middle ground…

This spring the UK’s property market is bucking the usual trend of north/south divides. According to Rightmove, for once it is the more central areas of the country that are driving up average prices. Their latest figures show asking prices across the country were up by 1.3% in March, matching the largest rise of the
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