Has the Fireworks started this month?

Prices are still rising, but at a slower pace than they have done in recent years. According to Rightmove, asking prices were up by 1% – their lowest rise for the month of October since 2010. The issues of stretched affordability and the uncertainty caused by Brexit are well documented. However, a new factor is
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Funding the UK Manufacturing

Following the number of enquiries we’ve had from growing companies operating in the manufacturing sector, it seems traditional banks are unwilling, or more likely unable, to support British manufacturers to the levels they require. Which is not only holding back resurgence in UK manufacturing, but also damaging to the individual businesses and to the UK
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Working Capital – A Simple Guide to How Much

From a capital perspective, businesses seek financing that is appropriate to their asset conversion cycles. The conversion of assets into cash. It is the timing of the conversion of assets which drives the financing decisions that all businesses face. As an example, consider a company whose sales are increasing (both seasonal or long-term trend). What
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Global Asset Finance Limited Supporting the UK Agricultural Industry

The UK Farming sector is an integral part of the UK economy as a whole with a total income of £3.7 billion and employing circa 500,000 people. At Global Asset Finance Limited we understand the challenges faced by the agricultural sector to drive forward successful and profitable farming businesses and we are committed to offering
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Unilateral notice in property law – what is it and when does it apply?

A unilateral notice can be most commonly found in the charges register of the property if it is registered. This notice is a charge used to register any interest which a third party may have in a particular property or estate, and notify the other party of its existence. A third party to a property
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UK Politics and Property

With all eyes now on a chaotic and unpredictable Brexit, the housing market remains surprisingly robust. Nationwide still expects house prices to rise by 1% this year and, although the London market is seeing some price reductions, they are relatively minor and there are signs of life in the previously challenging central areas. There is
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How does Trade Finance work?

If you’re wondering ‘How does Trade Finance work’, then you’ll be coming to that point in your business when you are thinking about increasing sales and growing. And that new direction will almost definitely require you to purchase goods and services to increase sales and profitability. International business is a mega opportunity; for example, you
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How Invoice Finance Can Boost Your Profitability

Healthy cash flow is crucial to business success. However, considering that in 2017, 27% of invoices were paid late; it is not easy for UK businesses to manage their cash flow for greater business growth. For SMEs in particular, late invoice payments can cause severe repercussions throughout the company. So, what can small businesses do to
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Is Your Relationship as Productive as It Could Be with Funders?

It’s all well and good researching the rates of different business loans, but if you don’t specialise in business finance then you can’t be expected to have an efficient, up to date relationship with lenders. But what do we mean by a productive relationship? It goes without saying that the business finance landscape is an
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Short Term Credit for Long Term Growth

For any new business or SME, capital is king when it comes to catalysing growth. However, there’s often an unenviable cache-22 scenario in which businesses have a clear need to invest in staff and infrastructure but could put the financial security of the company at risk should immediate returns not be forthcoming. This fear of
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