UK Economy Growth

Despite signs of positive growth in Q1, figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show that the UK economy shrank by 0.2% between April and June this year. A 0.2% contraction may not seem significant, but it is important to remember that this is the first time that the economy has shrunk since
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Invoice Discounting & How Could It Help Your Business

For many businesses, poor Cashflow is a sticking point of the organisation. Instead of worrying about where the next source of income is coming from, flexible invoice discounting can help to unlock the money that is yours but currently tied up in invoices. So, is unlocking revenue and improving cash flow through flexible invoice discounting
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Invoice Discounting & Supply Chain Finance

For any business, managing cash flow is always a tricky problem as firms try to ensure prompt payments from their clients and for their suppliers. Fortunately, thanks to the rise of alternative financing, it is now even easier for businesses to manage their Cashflow. From Invoice Discounting to supplier finance or even a combination of
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Invoice Discounting Differs From Invoice Factoring

Working out the best financial solution for your business when it is suffering from cash flow problems is key to regaining control of the situation within your business. When there are so many different options to consider, the whole process can be particularly challenging. Finding yourself in a situation where Cashflow has become an issue
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Improve Your Working Capital

You want to exceed customer expectations with credit terms, but you also need to keep on the good side of suppliers to ensure the best deals and maintain healthy relationships. However, to balance both means you need a healthy cash flow. The only way to ensure you have good cash flow is by having a fantastic working capital
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Manage Your Creditor Ledger

Credit control is the last thing that many businesses worry about. The priority for a young or established businesses is on customer acquisition and increasing sales and not having the right back office processes in place to manage your sales and Cashflow with proactive credit control and dispute resolution. The sales team do not like
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Boosting Your Cashflow

Having a healthy cash flow is an especially beneficial trait, particularly when you are trying to build a successful and financially viable business. Lacking good Cashflow management limits the progress your business can make. It won’t be sustainable and, consequently, your chances of expansion, whether that be in terms of growth or client base, will
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The Evolution of Receivable Finance

For businesses throughout the world receivable financing is nothing new. In fact, in 2000 BC traders in Mesopotamia used a variation of invoice factoring when selling goods. The facility of selling invoices to a third party in order to release funds quickly is something that businesses throughout all ages required. The rise of receivable financing
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Uncertain Times Positive Values!

Businesses in the UK are used to facing an emotional rollercoaster as they drive on with their planned growth, with 2019, vying for the most emotional yet! With the press full of both positive and negative stories, it can breed a feeling of uncertainty and it can be difficult to remain positive. However, one thing
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Everything You Need To Know About Invoice Discounting

Having cash flow issues and the stress of chasing invoices can be a lot for any business owner to have to deal with especially in combination with one another. Business owners with a good client basis but who suffer from cash flow from time to time do not need to worry. There are solutions available
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