Global Asset Finance Limited, helps you improve your cashflow and reach your companies potential.

Managing cashflow is essential to the success of any business. If you find yourself waiting to be paid for the work you’ve done, goods you’ve sold or are spending more time than you would like chasing late payments from customers, Invoice Finance can help. You will be able to manage your cashflow more efficiently and
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Late Payments and Invoice Discounting Blog

For many businesses, poor cash flow is a sticking point of the organisation. Instead of worrying about where the next source of income is coming from, invoice discounting can help to unlock the money that is yours but currently tied up in invoices. So, is unlocking revenue and improving cash flow right for your business?
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Global Asset Finance Limited refinance a £1.75M facility for a private ambulance service supporting the NHS

Global Asset Finance are pleased to announce that last week we closed a £1.75M invoice discounting facility for an emergency / non-emergency ambulance service provider into the NHS trusts. The business had previously been using a £1m facility with their existing lender. However due to a recent surge in demand due to the fight against
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How Invoice Finance Can Boost Your Profitability

Healthy cash flow is crucial to business success. However, considering, 27% of invoices were paid late; it is not easy for UK businesses to manage their cash flow for greater business growth. For SMEs in particular, late invoice payments can cause severe repercussions throughout the company. So, what can small businesses do to protect themselves from the
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UK government support schemes currently available to SMEs

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted thousands of businesses across the country. Some have been forced to close, and others have seen demand and customers sharply decrease, having a devastating effect on the organisation. The UK government have put various schemes in place to help businesses during these unprecedented times, but navigating them can be confusing. Here is
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Invoice factoring right for your small business?

82% of small and medium-sized businesses fail because of cash flow problems. And while there are many factors that can impact cash flow, invoices or accounts receivable account for a fair share. Invoice, or more specifically, unpaid invoices, can be a big problem for small business owners. Fortunately, many small business owners can manage gaps
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Affected By Long Payment Terms?

For food and drinks manufacturers, there is nothing more exciting than landing your first big deal with one of the leading supermarkets. However, problems can quickly arise from securing large orders with big brands, especially when it comes to Cashflow. Big orders, low Cashflow As you begin to ramp up production and grow your business,
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Invoice Discounting

As you companies prepare for Christmas and you may notice that your bank account is a little less flush than it usually is. The cost of the festive season quickly mounts up. The same can be said for businesses too. The festive season is often very lucrative for businesses thanks to the Black Friday sales, the
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Working Capital and Cashflow Solutions

Working capital is the lifeblood of a company. We recognise that businesses need funding at different points of their trading cycle and want a straightforward end-to-end solution. In response, Global Asset Finance Limited and its funding partners has developed a new offering the Flexible Trading Account. This is a single, multifaceted finance solution that supports our
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Invoice Finance Helping Your Business Cashflow

Transport and haulage businesses can be incredibly profitable and are certainly in demand with the growing e-commerce market. However, the transport industry has many challenges, such as unpredictable fuel prices and high operational costs. Additional difficulties, such as a varying workload and short-term contracts, can make it difficult to predict your finances and make managing your
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