Has Boris brought us some property bounce?

It’s at this time we get our first look at the New Year’s data and see whether all those pundits’ predictions are on track, or not. There have been some big claims made about 2020 – will there really be a ‘Boris Bounce’? And are we going to see all that pent-up demand finally released
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2020: UK Property Market Calmer Waters

2019 was a year that will live long in the memory. As we predicted, from its outset, it was dominated by Brexit. The government’s lack of majority meant their Brexit bill was continually rejected and any kind of compromise seemed impossible. By May, Theresa May was out and we had a leadership contest and a
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Putting the “X” into Xmas

It’s difficult to read too much into the current housing data because the combination of Brexit and an election mean people are sitting tight while they wait to see what’s happening next. The hiatus, however, is likely to be short – the moment the election is over there may well be a surge in activity,
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Bridging Loan Finance

Bridging loan applications rise 17% to £6.1bn in Q3 Bridging loan applications totalled £6.1bn in the third quarter, up nearly 17% compared with the same period last year, according to the Association of Short Term Lenders (ASTL). Year-on-year annual applications reached nearly £23bn, and bridging loan books totalled £4.3bn at the end of the quarter,
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Decision time – again!

In recent years, as a result of Brexit, it has proved very difficult to escape politics. With an election looming, it’ll be impossible. From now on, we will be bombarded by politicians’ promises about how they are going to improve Britain’s ‘broken’ housing market. Some of the ideas will be sensible, others will be terrifyingly
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Bridging Finance

Confidence grows amongst UK bridging lenders Research by the Association of Short Term Lenders (ASTL) has found that bridging lenders have grown in confidence about the outlook for the UK economy, their own business and the bridging sector. The study, which was carried out shortly after the date was confirmed for the forthcoming General Election,
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Autumn Property Hiatus

Cheap mortgages, a resilient economy, Brexit fatigue and an endless round of extensions have enabled the housing market to weather the storm created by the referendum far better than most commentators had predicted. And, as we reported last month, there have even been times when the market has performed above the levels of previous years.
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What has the UK Government Proposed for affordable housing Standards?

The former Prime Minister Theresa May announced in June 2019 several aims concerning the government’s plan for affordable homes. As part of these plans, May outlined a rise of new design standards to ensure the production of high-quality homes for the long-term. Bundled with guarantees for improved tenant’s rights, May’s new standards hoped to balance
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Some Summer Sunshine for the UK Property Market?

Even though we are now moving into one of the quieter periods of the year, there have been some interesting developments in the sales market. The latest data from NAEA Propertymark (National Association of Estate Agents) suggests the market may be shrugging off Brexit worries and is bouncing back. According to their figures, the number
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June in, May Out!

House price growth slowed to 0.6% in May, the sixth month in a row that annual house price growth was below 1%. Month on month, sold prices were down 0.2% (source: Nationwide), although, looking further forward, according to Rightmove, asking prices were up 0.9%. Overall, the market continues to be subdued, although there are some
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