Funding For UK SME’s

The colder, darker weather appears, for many it is a time to hibernate but for small businesses, the run-up to Q4 is anything but sleepy. With Black Friday come and gone and around the corner Christmas with local trader Christmas markets and then follow into the New Year Sales is fast approaching too, now is
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Funding for Growing Companies

Behind almost every innovation is a complex web of skill technicians, project managers, parts and machinery. Consequently, virtually every growing company will have an extensive range of suppliers that makes up the services and components required to make the business a success. While a comprehensive supplier list can reduce the risk of non-delivery, it can
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Managing your Supply Chain in any growing business

As your business grows, the industry environment and climate evolve. As a result, what was once working for your supply chain may not be as efficient anymore? Furthermore, it a very delicate structure, one that needs nurturing and attention. So, what can you do to manage your supply chain when your business is growing? Know
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Supply Chain Finance – What’s It All About?

Over the last few years, Global Asset Finance Limited has been striving to solve the common problem of cash flow that is experienced by thousands of SMEs. We started out as in 1993 as a broker / financier, with the aim to give small businesses the control and freedom of when they pay their suppliers
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Everything You Need To Know About Supplier Finance

A successful business relies on strong business relations throughout the supply chain. Prompt payment to your suppliers is critical to maintaining good relationships, enjoying benefits and ensuring excellent service. However, sometimes during Cashflow difficulties, it can be hard to provide a prompt payment which can lead to a breakdown in your supply chain. Fortunately, there
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Top tools in managing a growing Supply Chain

Selecting the Right Suppliers Selecting the right partners came top for our participants. All had formal supplier qualification processes in place with a strong focus on risk mitigation and for the retailers with suppliers in the Far East, naturally managing corporate reputation risks were high on the agenda. All companies carried out financial health checks
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How much is your Supply Chain really paying for Finance?

The case for a supplier to take supply chain finance is usually pretty clear, a new, flexible form of finance at a cheaper cost. The question we get asked most often is ‘what is in it for the buyer?’ Coming from a big business background , I have to admit to being totally naive as
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Choke Points: The Domino Effect in the Supply Chain

We considered the balance sheet accounts that changed when a business experienced sales growth and uncovered the ‘Growth Paradox’. Growth consumes more cash than it generates and needs to be funded with a supply of cash. Or put another way; no cash, no growth! What do businesses do and what are their options for supplying
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How Sales Growth Affects Cashflow

Is rapid sales growth good news for businesses? Rapid sales growth can be a mixed blessing. It creates the potential for greater profit, but requires more cash to finance the larger volumes.  When sales grow, the impact on the balance sheet is considerable, specifically when you look at inventory and accounts receivable. These trading asset
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How does supply chain finance differ from invoice discounting and factoring?

Supply chain finance is a new way of providing liquidity to businesses. But what is it and why do it? How is it different from the more traditional approaches of factoring and invoice discounting? To access working capital finance, businesses have traditionally used short-term trading assets such as stock or trade receivables as security. The
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