How does Trade Finance work?

If you’re wondering ‘How does Trade Finance work’, then you’ll be coming to that point in your business when you are thinking about increasing sales and growing. And that new direction will almost definitely require you to purchase goods and services to increase sales and profitability. International business is a mega opportunity; for example, you
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Brexit uncertainty returns to leave SMEs in economic limbo

In our first SME Confidence Tracker report of the year, I remarked that notable progress between the Government and the EU throughout March had resulted in rebounding confidence amongst the UK’s small and medium sized businesses. I concluded that a little Brexit progress could go a long way in terms of SME confidence. Less than three months
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A New Dawn for the EU

In 2018 we could see a new dawn for SMEs in Europe, with an air of growing optimism. In December 2016 the European Central Bank predicted a conservative but respectable GDP growth target of 1.7% for 2017. In reality though, the engines of Europe roared at full throttle to deliver GDP growth of 2.5% – its
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The Forgotten Trade

Amid the backdrop of Brexit, the economic balance between imports and exports is a continuous juggling act for economies across the world. In the three months to December 2017, the UK trade deficit grew by £3.8 billion to £10.8 billion. Figures became the latest rallying cry for businesses to ramp-up export volumes, while sterling’s devaluation seemingly
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Keep goods moving with Trade & Invoice Finance

Specialist Finance at Global Asset Finance Limited In light of our latest market research and feedback from intermediary partners, Global Asset Finance Limited has recently extended its trade & invoice finance offering to support a wider range of UK importing and exporting businesses. Commercial trade invoice discounting appeals to businesses with a turnover of under
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What is Trade & Export Finance?

Trade Finance is a funding and support solution for businesses buying goods for resale from UK or overseas suppliers. It bridges the cashflow gap between paying suppliers and receiving payment from customers, and provides support from a team of dedicated trade specialists. Who is it for? Trade Finance is for UK businesses buying and onward
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Trading Places: SMEs and International Trade

News that the EU has negotiated a free-trade deal with Japan has thrown such agreements to the fore, once again. The deal is set to link around a third of the world’s export of goods and has been hailed by EU President, Donald Tusk, as evidence that global economies are resisting protectionism. Despite renewed debate
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Trade & Stock Finance

Like invoice financing, there are numerous variables within the trade finance markets. Finding the right provider for you with so much competition can be very confusing but due to our close relationship with our partners, we are aware of each partner’s specialities within the market and will match them to your business needs accordingly. Traditional
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Trade Finance

Whilst nobody would disagree that it has been extraordinarily tough for business and in particular SME’s since 2008 the fact remains that the insane optimism of entrepreneurs has shone through the financial mire and many thousands of new ventures have been started and many have flourished. Those entrepreneurs who take the plunge into new ventures
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This could be the right solution for you

If you are an importer or exporter experiencing typical cashflow cycles seen in trade, trade finance may be a suitable method of supporting your business. Longer trade cycles are often seen in international vs domestic trade. Reasons for this include the need to provide advance payment, longer lead times and bulk ordering. Key features and
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