Construction & Invoice Finance

Construction & Invoice Finance

In light of this week’s construction sector news Construction Finance reflects on the current situation: “The collapse of Carillion is being carefully looked at, but wider practices of how large firms work with subcontractors and SMEs also need carefully examining.”

Findings of our Subcontracting Growth report with construction specialists, The Vinden Partnership show that 52% of subcontractors say that industry disputes happen frequently or occasionally, particularly when involving larger main contractors.

If you have clients who are UK subcontractors with concerns following this week’s news about Carillion, our Construction Finance team can help.

How Construction Finance can help your clients:

Our Construction Finance team provide funding for construction sub-contractors who provide services under a contract, framework agreement or purchase order. Late payment is particularly problematic when working on projects that have high labour and material costs as it affects their Cashflow.

Construction Finance allows a business to access funding against the value of outstanding customer billing before it is paid to ensure they have the funding they need to deliver throughout the various stages of a contract.

We and our partners can also assist with:


  • Ensures the contracts subcontractors are given won’t cause problems down the line by giving access to specialists at The Vinden Partnership to review their contracts.


  • Protects against customer non-payment
  • Select to have protection on all or specific customers


  • Funding for vital equipment without the burden of significant up-front costs
  • Refinance existing assets to release cash


  • Use our credit control team to chase and collect outstanding payments and reduce your business costs

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