Customer Experiences

Customer Experiences

Customer experiences and the way a company’s products and services are regarded can make or break any business – especially a start-up that’s striving to make their mark in a crowded marketplace. Here’s why offering a great user experience should be your priority.

We know the customer is always right. But offering excellent service means going that extra mile – offering a personal touch and genuinely being of use to them, rather than simply trying to up-sell. Done well, customer service can boost your bottom line and ensure long-term business success. Here’s how:

  1. It’s a form of free marketing

You can’t buy genuine word-of-mouth advertising, and it’s true that if you impress someone they are likely to tell other people about their positive experience. Similarly, with today’s proliferation of review sites and social media platforms, bad feedback is something you want to avoid at all costs.

  1. It secures repeat custom

If a consumer is happy with a product they have bought or a service they have received then it’s likely they will buy from your company in the future. By repeatedly delivering on your promise and exceeding expectations, you’re more likely to retain your customers for longer.

  1. It’s an excellent way of building consumer trust

Before parting with their money, customers need to feel confident that your company is trustworthy. Ensuring employees have excellent knowledge of the products or services they are selling, demonstrating that your business is a thought leader within its industry, and quickly resolving any issues that do arise will all help solidify trust in your company.

  1. It sets your company apart from the competition

What makes your offering different? Today’s consumers face almost infinite choices, and one way that you can set your company apart is by adding value to the customer experience. Show that you care about more than making a profit, and set out your company’s values in a clear mission statement on your website.

  1. It makes your start-up an attractive place to work

Employees want to work for respected companies, just as much as they don’t want to handle customer complaints all day. Showing that you prioritise excellent service can boost employee satisfaction and improve your company’s ability to recruit and retain staff.

Global Asset Finance Limited understands good customer service

Our service comes with assured customer satisfaction – each client has a dedicated account manager and has the ability to pick and choose when they’d like to use our service. We pride ourselves on developing real relationships with the SME owners we work with to find the right cashflow finance solutions to suit their needs.

Contact Global Asset Finance Limited to find out how you can receive a cashflow boost with selective invoice finance – the flexible and fast way to release working capital that’s tied-up in unpaid invoices.

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