Despite the best efforts of the City of London’s finest

Despite the best efforts of the City of London’s finest

Despite the best efforts of the City of London’s finest, the rise of alternative finance has given both blue chips and SMEs alike something to think about. Offbeat solutions such as factoring have unlocked exciting new opportunities to replace the rigidity of traditional bank loans with mutually beneficial funding arrangements.

So, rather than lock themselves into inflexible contracts and high interest rates, selective invoice financing empowers SMEs with the capital to maintain healthy cash flows, without resorting to banks.

The best of both worlds for SMEs

For SMEs still in the growth phase, this collaborative arrangement represents a ‘no strings’ introduction to the factoring arena. Some clients are simply too small for a full ledger facility service, and can’t justify outsourcing every invoice they issue. The solution? Selective invoice finance.

Flexible by nature, the model allows SMEs to dip their toe in the water, and learn the process on a non-contractual, pay as you go basis. This means that even when dropping out of a full service invoice finance contract. SMEs can still retain the flexibility to work on a few debtors using select invoice finance solutions.

In the long run, collaboration between ledger invoice finance services and selective invoice finance providers empowers businesses with the healthy cash flows and fiscal flexibility that are fundamental to long-term growth.

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