Flexible Factoring for Transport and Distribution Businesses

Flexible Factoring for Transport and Distribution Businesses

How to drive Your Business Growth in the Right Direction

The UK may be on track for #Brexit split from the EU. However, it certainly hasn’t slowed down the United Kingdom’s haulage industry. In fact, according to the latest stats from the International Transport Forum the global logistics sector is set to quadruple in size by 2050, and the UK will play a pivotal role in driving this growth.

Of course, it’s not quite as simple as sitting back and watching the market grow. To expand, haulage businesses need to bolster themselves with the financial scope to take on new clients and increase their on-road presence.

This means freeing up cashflow to shoulder bigger contracts, accept longer payment terms and invest in new equipment. Not to mention stay afloat in the face of ever rising taxes, rising fuel costs and agency expenses and with #Brexit long delays at the ports and customs.

Room to grow

For example, say a haulage business wins a new contract with Sainsbury’s. It’s a huge opportunity, and calls for an additional five HGVs in order to move product across the country. However, the company is still waiting on invoices to trickle through from its previous clients, which means that it cannot afford to invest in new vehicles and scale-up its fleet. HGV’s leasing supports haulier growth. www.globalassetfinance.com/hgv-truck-finance/

This means it will either need to cancel its existing contracts, or reject the Sainsbury’s offer. Ultimately, lack of cash has quashed growth and is forcing the business to remain stagnant, even when it’s been handed an exciting growth opportunity.

Hit the road with cashflow finance

This is where invoice financing steps up. Purpose built for businesses with growth on their mind, Global Asset Finance and Partners offers smart cashflow finance with no strings attached. This means that instead of having to turn down lucrative new contracts that could take operations to the next level, businesses can hit the road with finance for scale-ups.

Flexible and growth-friendly, invoice finance for hauliers also eliminates the need for rigid bank loans and crippling interest repayments. Instead, businesses can simply cash in their owed invoices and free up the capital they need to grow their fleets.

Are you ready to grow?

The British haulage industry has incredible potential, but this does not mean it’s not competitive. In order to stay afloat haulage and logistics companies need to take a proactive approach to cashflow, and be ready to embrace every opportunity as it arises and look at #Invoice #Factoring as a means to an end!

Chances are, a serious growth break will only materialise every year or so. This means you need to be ready to move fast. With smart #Invoice #Finance #Factoring on your side, you can keep your haulage fleet moving and growing your business, your client list growing and your #cashflow services well-oiled.


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