Flexible Invoice Discounting

Flexible Invoice Discounting

After a busy summer of trading, you may appreciate the slowdown of autumn. However, just because your summer sales have ended doesn’t mean you don’t have plenty of tasks on your to-do list and we bet that getting on top of your sales ledger is at the top. As your business starts to slow down, you may notice that the cash flow isn’t looking as healthy as it usually does.

So, what can you do to manage difficult cash flow periods after the summer sales? Flexible Invoice Discounting could be the best funding solution for your needs.

Don’t Wait For Big or Small Payments to be made:

From busy trading in the final push of the summer sales, you may have sent hundreds of invoices to your clients after the season ended. However, due to lengthy payment terms (which can often be 60 or 90 days or more), it can take a long time for your business to reap the rewards of the successful summer of trading.

Furthermore, if you are gearing up for another busy season over winter, then you need access to your capital as soon as possible so that you can continue to reinvest in your business and grow your brand.

However, with Flexible Invoice Discounting from Global Asset Finance Limited and partners, you do not have to worry about waiting for the sales ledger to come in. All you have to do is select the customers that you want to receive cash from quickly and add them to your Global Asset Finance Limited and partners scheme. Then, when you upload the invoice(s) you will display your available balance which you can draw down from straight away.

You do not have to wait for the lengthy payment terms, and your business does not have to stand still while you wait for the big or even small payments that your brand growth needs.

Instead, you can release as little or as much funding as you like from your outstanding invoices to maintain a healthy working capital.

So, whether you are facing difficult cash flow in low season, or looking for funding solutions that can enhance your business growth, Flexible Invoice Discounting allows you the chance to focus on growth and success.

How Can Flexible Invoice Discounting Help You?

We are happy to help our clients maintain a healthy working capital using Invoice Discounting or Invoice Factoring solutions, it can be on a selective invoice basis ot the complete sales ledger. You decide! What’s more, we work fast, to provide you with the cash you need, when you need it. In fact, one of our latest customers was able to draw down £50,000 of funds from their invoices in just 48 hours since becoming a customer with us and our partners.

The sky’s the limit with Global Asset Finance Limited and partners too.

Our existing clients have no concentration limits for our Flexible Invoice Discounting or Selective Invoice Factoring solutions, with one recent client choosing to draw down £900,000 in working capital, so they have the finances available to meet the demands of the business.

If you’d like to find out more about our flexible invoice discounting and factoring solutions and whether it is right for your business, get in touch today.



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