How Clean Are You?

How Clean Are You?

‘Clean eating’ has been a popular trend for some time now and it is not stopping with food. People are now opting for ‘clean beauty’ as well, a trend that is not only beneficial for your skin but for animals and the environment too.

The movement is becoming increasingly recognisable with the Soil Association leading campaigns like ‘Come Clean about Beauty’ and ‘Look for the Logo’, making it easier for consumers to shop more assertively. The Soil Association reported a 22% increase in sales of organic beauty products in the last year alone!

More and more people are making it their business to eat organic and unprocessed foods and much the same is now also true in the context of cosmetics and beauty. The driving forces behind the trend are clear enough, why would we expose our skin to the chemicals found in many beauty products, that we wouldn’t eat or want in our food?

Not so long ago, organic beauty meant creating homemade facials from avocado and honey. Today there are all manner of ‘clean beauty’ products, the sector is growing exponentially. Rather than big companies though, it is largely the smaller players and entirely new businesses, in many cases, who are leading the way and pioneering popular new products in the clean beauty industry.

At Global Asset Finance Limited we love supporting innovative brands in the Clean Beauty and Clean Eating industries, unlocking much needed cash-flow from unpaid invoices and driving growth. Amongst many others, Global Asset Finance have supported other super food brands.

Like clean eating, which is now a multimillion pound industry in the UK and worth billions worldwide, the clean beauty trend is here to stay and the opportunities for innovators in the field are seemingly limitless.

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Keep it clean!




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