How to raise Capital for your Business

If you believe the statisticians half of all new enterprises will fail. What is a fact is that one of the main reasons for business failure is poor or no cash flow. Even those businesses that manage to navigate their first few years and stay solvent will find it difficult to grow without external capital.
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New Sales Markets Abroad

How to get your business export-ready to expand and grow! The ever changing political, economic and digital landscape provides a wealth of opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). For those exporting abroad, there are several markets, and billions of clients globally who may be interested in your products and services, making exports a
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Trade optional for economic growth GDP

Brexit has dominated news headlines for months with the UK no closer to agreeing a deal with the EU. What many people don’t realise, however, is that this is just the first stage of a lengthy process. After it formally exits the EU, the UK will need to agree its future trading relationships. The UK’s
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Brexit Property Groundhog Day!

Brexit is beginning to resemble Groundhog Day, the same arguments going round and round with no sign of a resolution or any kind of compromise that might break the cycle. There is, however, evidence that house buyers are increasingly fed up with the ongoing uncertainty and getting on with their house moves, especially now that
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Uncertain Times Positive Values!

Businesses in the UK are used to facing an emotional rollercoaster as they drive on with their planned growth, with 2019, vying for the most emotional yet! With the press full of both positive and negative stories, it can breed a feeling of uncertainty and it can be difficult to remain positive. However, one thing
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Trade & Supply Chain Finance

Trade finance accounts for 3% of global trade, worth some $3tn annually. Simply put, it’s the financing of trade in a company life cycle, whether you’re sending goods, services or commodities, a variety of financial instruments are used to structure this, under the umbrella term ‘trade Finance’. Trade finance includes Letters of Credit (LCs), export
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Navigating a no-deal Brexit: a guide for Importers and Exporters

With Brexit just a few months away now or will the UK, ever leave the European Union. Businesses across the UK are doing everything they can to prepare. But what exactly should you be doing? This depends largely on what your business does, what industry you operate in and whether your suppliers or customers are
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Brexit hanging over house prices

Yet again, this month, it’s all about Brexit. Fortunately, the fundamentals behind both the economy and the housing market remain strong, but it is having an effect. Confidence is down and activity is somewhat subdued for this time of year. Prices are still rising, though – up 0.7% in February (source: Nationwide). Robert Gardner, Nationwide’s
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Everything You Need To Know About Supplier Finance

A successful business relies on strong business relations throughout the supply chain. Prompt payment to your suppliers is critical to maintaining good relationships, enjoying benefits and ensuring excellent service. However, sometimes during Cashflow difficulties, it can be hard to provide a prompt payment which can lead to a breakdown in your supply chain. Fortunately, there
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Everything You Need To Know About Invoice Discounting

Having cash flow issues and the stress of chasing invoices can be a lot for any business owner to have to deal with especially in combination with one another. Business owners with a good client basis but who suffer from cash flow from time to time do not need to worry. There are solutions available
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