Improved Supply Chains To Inject £30bn Into UK Economy?

Improved Supply Chains to inject £30bn into UK economy could see over half a million jobs created and up to £30 billion injected into the UK economy b. According to the Confederation of British Industry’s (CBI’s) latest report, Pulling Together, by improving products, concentrating on innovation and providing unrivalled customer service, issues such as the expanding
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What is commercial property funding?

Commercial property funding is a wide reaching term, but it is a property finance offering that provides businesses, both big and small, with a massively useful mechanism for raising finance and growing their organisations. Well, worth the 5 minutes it will take you to read this article to discover. Commercial property funding allows businesses to
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How your assets and equipment could finance business growth

How your assets and equipment could finance business growth. Many businesses find that their capital has become tied up in their assets and equipment. Releasing the equity within these assets is therefore a great way to free up much needed funds, which can then be reinvested into the business in different ways. The simplest and easiest way for
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5 Reasons you should use Asset Finance and Leasing

Asset finance and leasing is an excellent way to boost your company’s competitive edge by cheaply providing you with access to the resources and equipment that you need to grow your business. Whether you’re an SME or a long established firm, this can offer your organisation real benefits.   Buying equipment or assets for your
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Why are more established businesses choosing to use invoice finance?

Since the global financial crisis began to bite in 2007, there has been a marked rise in SMEs seeking alternative funding sources. As traditional banks have become increasingly reluctant to lend, the gap remaining is increasingly being filled by so-called challenger banks. Unaffected by the legacy debts and bad PR of traditional banks, they have
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Commercial Property & Financial Stability Report Q3 2013

Commercial property and financial stability Report Q3 2013 By James Benford and Oliver Burrows of the Bank’s Financial Stability Directorate.(1) Commercial property played a key role in the recent financial crisis in the United Kingdom.  A rapid build-up of debt tied to commercial property investments pre-crisis supported a boom in prices. The consequent bust led
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Crowd Funding is an alternative to traditional banking and finance companies

Crowd Funding is an alternative to traditional banking and finance companies. Credit Crunch” and “Banking Crisis”. It started as banks across the globe lent too much money, too quickly and in many cases the loans then defaulted or had insufficient security attached to them. So, rather like a pack of cards the whole banking infrastructure
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Introduction – Trade Finance for your Customer Orders

Introduction – Trade Finance for your Customer Orders Global Asset Finance Limited provides trade finance to clients involved in exporting or importing finished goods through: Providing appropriate finance to fund the transaction; Minimizing risks, particularly credit and political risks; and Managing the supply chain cash flow. GLOBAL ASSET FINANCE LIMITED comprises knowledgeable and technically proficient
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Bridging Loan’s Yes or No

Bridging Loan Work how does it work? Bridging Loans are used in order to supply finance for purchasing a new property, while the borrower is waiting for their current property to sell or just raise short term finance. However, it is becoming a very popular choice for individuals with limited resources. They can be employed for any purpose,
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Point of Sale Finance – What’s it about?

Point of Sale Finance Increases sales. A lender normally expect to see a 10% increase in sales in the first year of operation for any retailer entering into Point of Sale Finance using Interest Free Finance or Buy Now and Pay Later for its consumer’s. This subsequently increases but by how much is subjective as generally also
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