Point of Sale Finance – What’s it about?

Point of Sale Finance – What’s it about?

Point of Sale Finance Increases sales.

A lender normally expect to see a 10% increase in sales in the first year of operation for any retailer entering into Point of Sale Finance using Interest Free Finance or Buy Now and Pay Later for its consumer’s.

This subsequently increases but by how much is subjective as generally also linked to an on line strategy. A recent example of a retailer saw an increase in first year ales of 8.3% following the implementation of Point of Sale Finance which is consistent with expectations. A nationwide retailer is on target for a £10m impact from its first year of operation.

Global Asset Finance has a wide range of consumer finance products which include Interest Free Finance and Buy Now & Pay Later Finance for high street retailers and providers of consumer goods and e-commerce businesses. These types of financial services can benefit the growth of your business which should help drive sales and, ultimately, increase profit. Whether you’re a large or small retailer we can help.



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