SMEs ‘More Confident’ Regarding Investment Opportunities

SMEs ‘More Confident’ Regarding Investment Opportunities

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are growing in confidence with regards to their investment opportunities in the future, according to a new report, suggesting that an increasing number may start accessing property finance services in the coming months.

Findings from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) indicate that SMEs around the world have seen their economic outlooks improve in the last 12 years to the middle of 2014, with better investment environments and government policy both having positive effects.

Although SMEs were the most affected by the recession, they have proven themselves to be more resilient, the Back in the Game report suggested, and are now taking advantage of new chances for economic growth, are entering new markets, looking for ways to innovate and building excellent relationships with suppliers.

“Micro and small businesses have experienced the biggest funding boost, as finance finally reached those SMEs that were the most squeezed in the pre-2013 period of rationing and restraint,” senior policy adviser with the ACCA Charlotte Chung remarked. “It was SMEs in the UK, the UAE and Ireland who saw the greatest all-round improvement in the investment environment.”

This news comes after the organisation recommended that better financial education and wider enterprise skills in Europe were required in order to drive a culture of entrepreneurs in Europe. It was put forward that entrepreneurs often lack appropriate financial skills and knowledge to manage the business decisions they are faced with and thus need to be more aware of the support and services that are available to them.

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