How to recruit the right people for your business

How to recruit the right people for your business

Having a clear and universal recruitment process is essential when it comes to acquiring talent and finding prospective recruits that will fit the mould of your company and culture.  Here are seven essential steps to follow.

  1. Draw up a clear recruitment plan

What exactly are you looking for? And how will you assess if someone is the right fit for your company? Will you conduct a series of interviews and will you include a technical element or hands-on test – for example – will you ask them to prepare a presentation? To get a feel for how a candidate reacts to different situations and people, you’ll need to think through every stage of the recruitment process in advance. Making sure, your new candidate understands your mission statement and customer service requirements.

  1. Involve existing employees in the recruitment process

Introduce the candidate to the people they would be working with on a regular basis – it’s much better for both parties to find out how they might work together before a prospective recruit starts. In addition, run your recruitment ad past people from different departments to check that you’ve covered everything that needs to be said.

  1. Create a thorough job description

The first step to attracting the right candidate to your company, so you need to clearly describe the position that’s on offer and the kind of person and experience you are looking for, otherwise you will find you receive a lot of unsuitable applications. Here’s a checklist of what to include:

  • Job title that’s easily understood by everyone in your industry.
  • Company information such as your mission statement.
  • Positon description in which you summarise the role and key responsibilities.
  • Qualifications and experience that are required or desirable.
  • How to apply – do you require a cover letter, and should they send examples of their work? Also include a deadline for applications.
  1. Harness the more effective recruitment tools

Once your ad is written, you will need to promote it. Your budget will dictate where you place the ad, as will the kind of candidate you are looking for. For example, someone with very specific skills might check a more niche recruitment site. However, it’s also important to remember that using more than one tool will increase your exposure. Here are some of the tools you can use to publicise your opening and attract candidates:

  • Online job boards are one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching job seekers, but you will need to ensure your listing stands out from the rest.
  • Social media networks like LinkedIn has become a powerful recruitment tool, as well as listing the job, you can use the platform to search for, identify and recruit the people who possess the skills you are looking for.
  • Traditional media adverts can be an effective way of targeting the type of candidate you are looking for via certain publications.
  • Employment agencies can be expensive but will carry out a lot of the admin for you – for example, by checking references and sorting CVs.
  • Your company website can also be used as a recruitment tool.

Keep track of the results so that you can determine which recruitment tools work best for your company.

  1. Create great work environment

People are attracted to businesses that they perceive to be a good place to work – so you need to make your mission statement and company culture a priority. Not only that, word of mouth is an effective tool for finding great talent. Establish a ‘refer a friend scheme’. This allows you to hire people that will seamlessly fit into your company and reflect your values. Having a good on-boarding process can also boost employee happiness and, as a result, retention rates.

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