The rise of FinTech and the cutting edge

The rise of FinTech and the cutting edge

Self-driving cars, 3-D printed drugs, the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle and robots that beat Chess Grandmasters each characterise developments in technology and innovation in Engineering, Healthcare, Particle Physics and Artificial Intelligence.

Yet, at the turn of the decade the financial services sector, despite having largely driven the #UK economy for the previous 25 years, had failed to move away from out-dated 20th century technology and was instead characterised by fraud, scandalous bonuses and inefficiency.

FinTech to the rescue.
Over the last few years an industry that combines the lucrative profits of finance and a rejuvenated and overdue focus on innovative technology has taken the market by storm. Since 2010, nearly $50bn have flooded into the FinTech industry as investors have begun to appreciate the need for and seek to reap the fruitful rewards of developing financial technology.

The door is open to cultivate technology that simplifies banking at the consumer level, enhances cash-flow financing at the #SME level, and provides an opportunity to dominate the financial services sector at the top of the supply chain with aligned and inter-connected data platforms that automate previously manual jobs.

The race is now on for FinTech start-ups to develop world-beating technology that will revolutionise the financial service sector as we know it.

Fortunately, Global Asset Finance Limited has shot out of the blocks and is accelerating away, with its partners.

In selective invoice financing, Global Asset Finance Limited has filled a huge hole in the market. Global Asset Finance Limited knows just how important it is for small to medium sized firms to have quick cash flow. SME’s need to be in such a financial position to be able to provide services for multiple clients in succession, without being held back by long invoice contract terms.

Global Asset Finance Limited’s partner’s leading edge technology ensures that our clients receive funding for their invoices in the simplest and quickest possible way. This is achieved through software that automatically transfers all files and data on any firm to one singular location. This unifies all departments of the company and ensures that clients’ and debtors’ portfolios can be accurately examined; invoices can be effectively validated and speedily funded.

This portal subsequently fully automates the final payment to our clients once Global Asset Finance Limited partners has received the debtors’ sum, again optimising the efficiency of the process and ensuring our clients have the required cash flow to grow.

The importance Global Asset Finance Limited places on technological progression ensures that Global Asset Finance Limited will continue to maintain its competitive advantage and provide its clients with the financial resources they need to grow.

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