What is Selective Invoice Finance?

What is Selective Invoice Finance?

Does a fast and flexible AltFi FinTech platform that gives business owners easy access to cash sound good to you? Here is what you need to know about select invoice finance.

As a small business owner, it’s essential that you have access to funds in order to grow. And there are numerous options. But what if you don’t want to pursue a traditional bank loan, give up equity to an angel investor or launch a crowd-funding campaign?

There is one transparent and reliable solution that you should consider – and that’s select invoice finance. With no hidden fees, no minimum commitment and no termination fee, select invoice finance allows you to pick and choose the invoices you want funded – at a time when you need the cash the most. Unlike full-ledger factoring facilities, there is no contract tie-in, just pay-as-you-go finance that adheres to very simple day rate fees.

What’s the process?
The process is actually extremely quick. Having identified the invoices that you want to receive payment for, Global Asset Finance Limited can turn around your request within 48 hours. Simply upload your invoices via to our partners portal and we’ll get straight onto the case.

With an upfront advance, you’ll quickly receive up to 85% of your invoices value. Then, once we have received payment from your debtor, we’ll advance the remaining 15% – minus a small fee. Unlike the peer-to-peer auction model, there is no time lag between the moment you decide you want financing and receiving your advance.

Each client has a dedicated account manager and, as the facility is extremely flexible, you can use it as frequently as you want – that might be once a week or just as a one-off. We pride ourselves on developing real relationships with the business owners we work with, to find the right cashflow finance solutions to suit their needs.

Who is eligible?
Global Asset Finance Limited can provide SMEs with predictable cashflow at a predictable price, and our facility is available to private limited companies that are registered in the UK

Contact Global Asset Finance Limited to find out how you can receive a cashflow boost with select invoice finance – the flexible and fast way to release working capital that’s tied-up in unpaid invoices.


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