Solar Power and Renewable Energy Finance

Solar Power and Renewable Energy Finance

Solar power and renewable energy finance packages for businesses that are looking to improve their sustainability credentials or future-proof their energy supply. Companies that work in the farming industry can also benefit hugely from such finance, especially if their farms are off-grid and they have a problem accessing traditional power sources.

Investing in renewable energy also means that you can market your business as sustainable, something that will impress future clients and may lead to new business and investment opportunities. Investing in clean energy will also cut costs for your business, as you will no longer have to pay ever increasing energy bills. With solar panels now commonplace on homes and office blocks, commercial buildings and farms, and because they have been around for long enough to trial and perfect, this is a great time to invest in photovoltaic panels to save you money.

As well as solar panels, there are many other ways that your business can invest in renewable energy. Biomass boilers, cavity wall insulation and energy saving light fittings are also great ways to create more sustainable spaces, and these can all be funded by a renewable energy finance package. By investing now, you’ll be future-proofing your business and helping to move the UK as a whole towards a more sustainable and greener future.

At Global Asset Finance we are very keen to help any company or business that wishes to invest in its future via renewable energy finance. We can advise on the multitude of packages that are available and enable you to become more sustainable, more environmentally conscious and more thrifty with your energy supply as quickly as possible.

Businesses that invest in solar or renewable technology can also benefit from the governments feed-in tariffs, which are awarded to companies that have used accredited installers to fit their renewable technology cutting their carbon emissions. These tariffs pay you for the electricity you generate, even if you use it yourself, as well as paying you for any surplus electricity that you contribute to the grid.

There are many renewable and solar energy options available these days, and by giving yourself some energy independence you are safeguarding your supply and budget well into the future, not to mention the pride you can have in creating a more sustainable company. We will finance nearly any renewable energy project, from commercial premises to farm buildings. Let us help you move your business into the future.

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