Supply Chain Finance – What’s It All About?

Supply Chain Finance – What’s It All About?

Over the last few years, Global Asset Finance Limited has been striving to solve the common problem of cash flow that is experienced by thousands of SMEs. We started out as in 1993 as a broker / financier, with the aim to give small businesses the control and freedom of when they pay their suppliers and when they receive payment from outstanding invoices.

Over the years, Global Asset Finance Limited has gone from strength to strength, helping more and more SMEs looking for alternative financing options over traditional banks. Today we offer a range of cashflow solutions that are all designed to help entrepreneurial and growing businesses. The latest addition to our portfolio of cash flow solutions is supplier finance, which is designed to offer complete flexibility and improved cash flow.

The arrival of supply Chain Finance at Global Asset Finance Limited with it partners/

Every business is dependent on the relations throughout its supply chain, and in order to maintain healthy supplier relationships, it is essential to offer prompt payment. If a business is experiencing cash flow difficulties, it can make paying suppliers promptly a struggle and in turn be detrimental to the relationship. This is where supplier finance comes into play.

We understand the importance of a healthy supply chain for a business and in recent times have seen a gap in the market for this kind of finance. Even big name brands are turning to supplier finance to manage their cash flow, with companies such as Peacocks making the most of reverse factoring solutions to secure early payments of invoices.

Furthermore, global finance companies are struggling to compete with the overwhelming benefits of using innovative Fintech businesses who offer supplier finance, with PWC stating that 88% of major global finance companies have expressed concerns about losing revenue to Fintech innovators.

With many existing supplier finance lenders leaving the market in recent times, there has been a growing need for new lenders to offer the finance solution to businesses. We have added Supply Chain Finance to our portfolio of financial products, as just another way for SMEs to make their cash flow easier, together with receivable finance.

So, what exactly is Supply Chain Finance?

In simple terms, supplier finance means that a lender will pay suppliers on behalf of a business, as soon as the invoice has been approved. That business can then repay the lender using the agreed repayment terms.

Supply Chain Finance offers SME businesses a happy supplier ecosystem, accelerated cash flow and full flexibility over their invoices. We can combine supplier finance with our existing invoice financing solutions to create a match made in heaven for businesses wanting to accelerate their growth and make sure that cash flow is never an issue. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from supplier finance, with the key benefits being:

  • Flexible finance solutions: At Global Asset Finance Limited, we understand that every single business is unique, and we work closely with companies to create the ideal payment terms. When you choose supplier finance, you will get complete flexibility over which suppliers will use the facility and which will not. We give you the control to turn your supplier financing on and off as you please and add and remove suppliers freely.
  • Improved cashflow: Supply Chain Finance is beneficial to both your own and your suppliers cashflow. Your suppliers can receive payment within 24 hours of you approving the invoice. Your business will benefit by utilising our longer payment terms.
  • Happy suppliers: As a business, your supply chain is vital to your business, and it is crucial that you keep suppliers happy through prompt payments. Supply Chain Finance can help you to grow your supplier relationships and ultimately create better deals.

Our aim here at Global Asset Finance Limited is to become the market leader in alternative lending solutions for businesses and pride ourselves on our current portfolio of products.

If your business is struggling with cashflow or could benefit from Supply Chain Finance, then get in touch today.


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