Top Tech Trends for 2017

Top Tech Trends for 2017

Every year there is a wealth of new trends and innovations in digital technology and FinTech 2017 is shaping up to be no exception.

Here’s a look at some of the most important and influential emerging trends in the world of technology and how it relates to our habits as consumers.

Artificial intelligence and smart apps
Artificial intelligence (AI) and its possibilities is a concept which has been talked about for decades. With the developing sophistication of AI, we are now seeing companies incorporate this technology in their operations.

One of the major appeals of AI is that it offers businesses less expensive ways to deliver improved outcomes and potentially even entirely new services to their customers.

In combination with newly optimised digital apps and interactive platforms, AI is already helping a growing variety of retailers and finance firms, among many others, to offer unmanned assistance and customer support services.

This year could certainly be a breakthrough year for these technologies and it could soon be that we as end users of AI-powered smart apps become either unaware or unconcerned with whether we’re communicating with or having our problems solved by a real person or by a clever piece of software.

Virtual/augmented reality
Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) has been a key area of focus for a number of huge companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Sony, racing to make it part of their mainstream offering. 2017 will certainly show significant developments in this area and even a shift to incorporating it into everyday use.

For now, the main goal is to create immersive worlds and essentially fun and engaging experiences for end users, but as the technology develops all manner of enterprise applications could come to the forefront as well.

Smart things
Objects which sit in our homes, workplaces or our pockets and communicate with each other, with us and with the manufactures, collecting data is no longer a novel concept.

Indeed, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the networks which transmit data on an ever-increasing scale is something we’re all beginning to understand and take for granted. Big businesses certainly have been trending towards the use of ‘Big Data’ for some years now and the scope of its usefulness continues to expand.

In more recent months we’ve seen the concept of consumer-oriented smart ‘things’ taken up a notch or two with the rollout and popularity of Amazon Echo devices, which are voice activated, perform a myriad of functions and are designed to be something like our own in-house personal assistants.

This year is sure to see consumers adopt these products on scale and as they do manufacturers will adapt the intelligence and user experience with the data collected, making them a seamless integration into our everyday lives.

Above all, the foremost trend of 2017 will be along the lines of integration. With the various digital tools and novel technology that continues to emerge, we will see it incorporated and seamlessly woven into their own ecosystems and our everyday lives. Time will tell.

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