What is Trade & Export Finance?

What is Trade & Export Finance?

Trade Finance is a funding and support solution for businesses buying goods for resale from UK or overseas suppliers. It bridges the cashflow gap between paying suppliers and receiving payment from customers, and provides support from a team of dedicated trade specialists.

Who is it for?

Trade Finance is for UK businesses buying and onward selling goods from overseas and UK sellers.

How does it help?

Often businesses wish to buy goods from suppliers for resale but don’t have sufficient working capital or supplier credit terms to do so. Trade Finance allows businesses to buy, receive and sell goods before payment is made.

It helps by guaranteeing payment to suppliers before goods are in transit and making payment when items are dispatched. This enables businesses to develop relationships with suppliers due to payment guarantees and helps them to negotiate early payment discounts with suppliers.

Trade Finance can also provide ongoing funding until end-customer payment is received, supporting the end-to-end transaction process.

What is Export Finance?

Export Finance is a funding solution that releases the value of outstanding invoices and helps businesses overcome the complexities of selling goods or services overseas.

Who is it for?

It’s for UK SMEs that sell to other businesses and those that are new to exporting or have an existing international customer base.

How does it help?

While exporting presents fantastic opportunities for businesses to grow, it also brings challenges relating to extended payment terms and complexities surrounding selling goods in overseas territories.

Export Finance helps businesses to overcome these challenges, providing certainty of payment, upfront payment against overseas invoices and access to a team of export specialists.

Key Features:

  • 100% funding available for overseas sales for one or multiple customers
  • Credit control and payment collection support
  • Access to a team of export specialists providing language, currency, time zone and legal support


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