Prime Minister: General Election Key For UK’s Economy

Prime Minister: General Election Key For UK’s Economy

The Prime Minister has warned trade finance services that the UK will face economic chaos if it changes economic policy in May.

David Cameron’s warning was laid out in his New Year message, ahead of the general election in May this year. Mr Cameron said the UK’s New Year resolution should be to “stick to the plan” to ensure prosperity, the BBC reports.

“2015 can promise to be a great year for our country – if we make the right choices together,” he said.

Supporting Labour would take the country backwards and jeopardise the recovery, he stated at the beginning of the year. The prime minister claimed the difficult decisions taken since 2010 were beginning to pay off for the UK public. “The global economy remains uncertain, and many countries continue to struggle,” he observed. “And against that backdrop, Britain has a choice: between the competence that has got us this far or the chaos of giving it up, going backwards and taking huge risks.

“So I say this should be our resolution: to stick to the plan, stay on course to prosperity, and keep doing the important, long-term work of securing a better future. Economic success so far had been due to the Conservative party’s “long term plan with some clear values at its heart”.

He was joined in his discussion of the UK’s economic situation by party leaders Ed Millband and Nick Clegg, who also made economic promises in their New Year messages.

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