Unlock your growth potential

Unlock your growth potential

Business news headlines are often dominated by large public firms, yet it is usually #SME’s that provide some of the most exciting growth stories.

There are around 5.5 million SME’s in the UK, accounting for 99.9% of private sector business. Now consider that a study conducted by Albion Ventures found that one in five of these businesses cited cash flow as a ‘major challenge to growth’ for small businesses.

Historically, #UK #SMEs often turned to #Factoring services to improve their #cashflow, however hidden fees and long, inflexible contracts often prove to be a hindrance, rather than facilitator of growth. This is where Global Asset Finance Limited and Partners can help.

Through Selective #Invoice #Financing, we’re able to quickly unlock crucial #cashflow for #SME growth in a completely flexible and transparent way, enabling our clients to manage their growth at a rate that suits them.

We believe that the speed of our financing and personal touch of our service combined with our tech platform make Global Asset Finance Limited and Partners.

In a nutshell, Global Asset Finance Limited and Partners removes the time lag between when you raise a #invoice and when you are actually paid by your customer.

Releasing this working capital gives #SME’s the flexible finance they need to continue on their growth path. If you feel that your business is being held back by long payment terms then get in touch with us on 07721 565802 for a chat.








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