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Experts in providing short-term Bridging Finance at the lowest rates….

At Global Asset Finance we ensure a flexible approach to bridging loans, arranging finance for people in most circumstances including those with adverse credit history and without income verification. Our Bridging Loans are destined to suit individual circumstances, providing fast track First, Second and Third Charge lending on residential and commercial properties.

A typical view of bridging finance is that it is a ‘product of last resort’, an eye watering expense and a market dominated by shady characters. We disagree. Bridging finance is a very valuable product and we use it extensively for a variety of purposes. This includes everything from buying a property at auction, completing a transaction in a hurry, buying a property before planning permission is granted, financing an uninhabitable property, right the way through to large scale developments and commercial property refurbishments. In terms of price, yes, bridging finance can be expensive but this is not necessarily always the case. The price depends on the circumstances of the transaction, how much time we have, and the viability of the transaction.

We arrange bridging finance from the main funders in the market – secondary banks, private funds as well individuals. We also, perhaps most importantly, work with private banks who can price bridging finance at just over prime residential-lending rates for the right client. This range of access allows is to arrange bridging finance at the best price possible, whatever the circumstances – you can then decide whether that price is a fair trade to allow you to complete on an opportunity or release stress from a transaction.

We are not put off by complexity, the size of the loan or the time scales involved.

We are in a position to provide indicative terms. All we need from you is:

  • An outline of the finance requirement.
  • Description of the property or security.
  • Details on you (the borrower) including assets, income (if any) any liabilities.
  • How the bridging loan will ultimately be repaid.

This may sound like a lot but don’t let this put you off. We will collect all this information verbally and work off as much as you can give us. We won’t slow down the process by asking you to complete forms or supply paperwork until we have provided details of a bridging loan which you are interested in. If you are happy with these details we will then make sure we get you an offer and drive the deal to completion as soon as possible.

We are experts in this area and have completed some of the largest and most complex transactions in the market.

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