Commercial Banking

Commercial Banking

Global Asset Finance is a business partner with a number of Global Commercial Banks and finance companies and arranges business loans, commercial mortgages and commercial asset finance and is committed to providing seamless relationship management, strategic advisory and capital raising services to the global finance companies sector, via our banking relationships.

Our team of professionals take an active role in all aspects of our client relationships and are supported by teams of global relationship managers and dedicated product and advisory specialists located across all major international financial centres.

Commercial Banking is client relationship and through our business partnerships with numerous global banking institutions, we can introduce your business to the right financial institution which meets you organisation, which draws upon the expertise of multi-disciplinary product specialists from our global businesses relationships including global transaction, banking, global markets, investment banking, asset management and financing. We will introduce our clients to a world class commercial and institutions, meeting their strategic, financial and capital-raising requirements.

Our commitment to our clients is a relationship based on a deep understanding of our clients’ business environments and internal strategies for growth. Our relationship banking professionals are chosen for their knowledge of the macro issues and trends that affect economies, and for their ability to recommend the most appropriate financial products for our clients.

Global Asset Finance is in a strong position to meet clients’ varied needs, as it also draws upon the expertise of multi-disciplinary product specialists; from global transaction banking, global markets and investment banking, asset management and financing. We offer financial solutions to our clients backed by our commitment to superior execution and sustainability.

Global Asset Finance through its commercial banking partnerships will be able to assist you with all your banking and long-term financing requirements. Please contact us to discuss your baking requirements and allow us to introduce your business to a bank which will fit your business strategy and growth requirements.

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