Commercial Finance Solutions

Commercial Finance Solutions

Drawing on our vast experience on assisting businesses through financial difficulties we fully endorse the ‘cash is king’ philosophy. Cash is the life blood of any business and it is the restriction on the availability of equity finance that has lead to the growth in asset based finance for both new assets and re-finance.

A poor financial decision can literally be fatal. With the breadth of financiers and products on the market we believe that unlimited access to the full market is essential. These decisions cab often be traced back to being the result of a number of reasons but some of the more common that we hear are noted below:

Poor Advice

Lack of specialist knowledge of the solutions that are available in the market pressured into making quick decisions, confident that there is often a solution in the market place to suit a client’s needs but it is just a case of finding it, Global Asset Finance are offering a finance broking service to businesses.

With many of the commercial finance solutions sourced from independent finance houses flexibility and competitor roles are the two key areas we have concentrated on. This ensures that the majority of our solutions will enable you to spread the financial risk in your business across a number of different providers whilst ensuring you protect the lifeblood of your business – your cash.

On many occasions businesses pay cash for assets or pay large deposits to finance a property simply because they are unaware of alternative options. Within our finance solutions we can provide commercial mortgages up to 85% loan to value, 100% construction finance including land, low deposit asset finance and also arrange finance for those specific assets that you might otherwise pay cash for including items such as scaffolding, air conditioning, office furniture and commercial boilers.

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