Credit Control

Credit Control

Given the limitations on headcount and the modern philosophy of outsourcing, Global Asset Finance provides its clients with a well established Credit Control Service.

In its simplest form, the facility comprises the dispatch of in-house reminders under the client’s own identity and at pre-determined intervals. A more complex and usual requirement incorporates payments handling, pro-active telephone chasing and some customer services element, all under the client’s own identity.

Where a client requires a rolling collection process, through Credit Control, Debt Collection and Litigation, the client never suspects that they are dealing with the same organisation throughout. In effect Global Asset Finance becomes an integral part of a client’s operations.

We also can manage account receivables portfolios and sales ledgers.

We have reduced DSO for one customer from 377 Days Sales Outstanding to 47 Days Sales Outstanding.

The electronic exchange of data supports the process throughout and can even include regular audits. Of course, clients may have ‘on-line’ access to their own data and may send and receive messages by the integral Global’s e-mail facility.

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