Customer Finance Testimonial

Customer Finance

Stephen Gruenewald joined Powwow as a consultant, at this time Chesham was operating on a stand a lone basis having only just been integrated onto the minc system and Cowley was in total chaos. The achievements success and improvements are clearly visible by comparing the debt profile of then and now. Massive improvements were made in cash flow as the department developed. People were allocated ledgers and given responsibility massive data clean activities took place and processes were put in place to highlight problem areas and to reduce query levels.

It has been a very difficult and uphill struggle. Morale was at an all time low when Oracle went live to early and failed to meet expectations, and left finance unable to operate for several weeks initially we did not even have a print facility or a ledger split.  We had to reorganise the way we worked to enable us to use Oracle effectively.

Stephen has remained very supportive approachable and positive making people believe that we could and would continue to improve things. The proof is the debt has reduced and Invoice queries are always up to date and the whole department within Cowley and Chesham work very well. The staff has direct goals to achieve and targets.

Without Stephen Customer Finance would have crashed and burned. Stephen has carried the whole of Customer Finance on his shoulders and without the support of the business. The directors have been quickly to criticise both him and his department though Stephen has always had the support of his managers and staff.

The proof is the debtors came down to 47 DSO the best within Nestle. Without Stephen this would not have been possible.

Carole Baldock

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