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Resolve your debt problems the easy way – with our debt management services

Being in debt is a stressful and worrying experience and, regrettably, is becoming all too common a problem these days. An unfortunate consequence of this situation is that a number of unscrupulous and ill-qualified debt advisory firms have entered the market to meet this growing demand. Often these companies create more problems than they solve, plunging their clients further and further into debt. Because of practices operated by certain management companies, this whole area has now come under closer scrutiny by the Financial Conduct Authority.

At Insolvency UK our staff are very experienced and qualified to deal with your debt problems and our initial consultation is free of charge. Working in collaboration with you we develop and implement a plan that will ultimately result in your debt problems being resolved. At the end of it, you’ll have the sense of relief that comes from knowing that this particular headache has been cleared up once and for all.

We start by examining your overall financial position and ability to pay. The next step is to help you to map out ‘within your means’ repayment proposals to put to your creditors. These settlement offers might take the form of a one-off payment ‘in full and final settlement’, or regular payments over a period of time. An important point is that proposals do not always mean payment in full, and can sometimes mean repaying a mutually acceptable percentage of the debt. Some proposals could involve the Court, whilst others could be more informal involving reaching written agreements with your creditors.

For a business, the consequences of unresolved debt problems can be severe. For example, Crown creditors may threaten distraint proceedings and ultimately a company can be placed into liquidation or an individual placed in bankruptcy.

So for your free, initial consultation pleaseĀ contact us NOW!

And one final word of warning – don’t delay, as too many people do, hoping that your debt problems will miraculously get solved without you taking any action. Take the Bull by the horns and get control.