Export Finance

Export Finance

Our Export Finance service is all about helping you to improve the efficiency of your export business, while reducing the risks. We can lower the cash flow pressure almost from day one, help you to cut-out complicated administration and improve credit checking and credit controls. Through our international Factoring service you get up to 90% of your invoice paid as soon as you raise it, easing cash flow worries. The balance (less our fee) is paid on settlement of your customer. With Bad Debt Protection you can get the reassurance you need to confidently grow your exporting business, and we can help you to safely move away from Letters of Credit to standard account terms, simplifying exporting for you and your customers.

Export Finance – how does it work?

A raise an invoice to an overseas customer in the normal way, Our Export Finance service then pays you up to 90% of the invoice value. If you choose our international Factoring service, we take responsibility for collecting the money you’re owed – and then we pay you the balance less than agreed fee, one the money in in. If you prefer to use our International Discounting service, you collect the money and we then pay you the balance once funds are cleared.

Through one of our associate companies based in the country of your overseas customer, overcoming many of the potential cultural, language and currency issues in one go. With Bad Debt Protection we can cover your business against the insolvency of customers or non-payment of undisputed debt.

Our business partner’s credit checks your customers locally, helping you avoid bad debts and covering you against customers who fail to pay.

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