Garage Equipment Finance

garage equipment finance

Garages, MOT centre’s and recovery companies now have to be very high tech and computerised, while meeting health and safety standards and environmental targets. This causes many businesses to have their cash flow stretched beyond comfort, but by using garage equipment Finance for the variety of equipment needed, solutions are at hand.

We understand that equipping your garage with vital equipment can be an expensive business.

As a garage owner you’re under a competitive strain to increase the number of vehicle maintenance and repair services you offer.

This can mean the ongoing costs of maintaining, purchasing, upgrading and replacing expensive high tech diagnostic equipment can soon add up. And that can seriously squeeze your cash flow leaving you no room to manoeuvre.

Global Asset Finance, our experience in the asset funding industry goes a long way in arming us with the knowledge to address the complex issues you face. With our bespoke support we can help spread the burden of garage equipment financing, so that you can face the future with confidence.

Simply the most affordable way

Leasing has become the most popular route for garage owners when financing new garage equipment. It’s understandable. Here’s why.

  • There’s no heavy one off lump sum: you simply paying for any equipment across its lifespan, extracting more value from its continual use.
  • You can free up your cash flow, allowing greater flexibility in the day to day running of your garage business.
  • Payments are 100% tax deductible from your taxable profits, making leasing the most tax efficient way to fund your garage equipment purchasing.

Hassle-free application process 

Global Asset Finance we believe in serving our customers in a no nonsense way. We will not mess you about with needless forms and waiting around.

We believe in treating you as an individual. Our specialised dedicated account managers will work with you to create a finance plan that is tailored to your unique requirements.

We will show you a positive way forward!

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