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financial help

We receive requests from the public who need monthly budgeting advice or who have been turned down for a debt consolidation loan or re-mortgage. There are many reasons why people get into debt such as credit card or store card debt or even debt after a death in the family. Some callers have debt arising from divorce, separation or single parenthood; for this reason we have advice teams dedicated to these situations.

Getting into debt can be caused by an unforeseen event such as debt arising from disability, debt from ill health or injury or even debt from redundancy or loss of work. Through these difficult time callers can get into debt from personal or secured loans, car financing or mortgages. Many callers have mail order debt or are unable to keep up monthly payments on credit cards and loans and are being chased for late payments as a result. If this is the situation we can help provide accurate debt advice.

Some callers suffer from shopping addiction or even have gambling debt and just need debt advice they can trust on how to avoid bankruptcy or the alternatives to bankruptcy. In many situations the public want to find out about Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA). Whatever the advice we can assist the public to compare debt solutions and provide advice.

We take away any confusion about the problems you or your company are facing. We aim to give you the confidence to face your particular situation. We aim to provide you with the best free debt help to solve your debt problems.

Whether you are looking for advice on your debts through a debt consolidation solution or debt management plan or just have bad credit, we can assist you:

  •  Are you struggling to obtain a debt management solution elsewhere?
  •  Are you looking for information on a debt management plan or seeking other debt help
  • Are you considering bankruptcy or are you worried you have bad credit or a growing debt problem?
  •  Do you just want general debt management advice?
  • Do you require information on Insolvency, a debt management plan or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement?

We can provide debt management help and advice on bankruptcy or insolvency. We can advise you on the best debt management solution for YOU.

Other Services

We can provide information and resources for all individuals and businesses on the topic of debt advice for workers in the United Kingdom.

The guidance and debt advice contained within this website is subject to the UK regulatory regime and is, therefore, primarily restricted to consumers based in the UK in need of debt advice.

It’s hard to think straight when you’ve got a serious debt problem. You’re stressed, you can’t sleep, people constantly hound you for money and the temptation is to bury your head in the sand. What you need is honest, independent and cost-free advice on the best way of becoming debt-free.

To talk to one of our specialist team members please call 07721 565802 and ask to speak to a member of our Advice Team who will be happy to discuss YOUR personal circumstances and help YOU decide which way is the best for YOU.