Invoice Factoring

invoice factoring

Invoice Factoring enables you to get paid when you raise your invoices, regardless of when your customer actually pays you. It takes away all the difficulties of chasing money and helps removes the worry of not knowing when you might get paid. Invoice Factoring is a fast, painless way to improve your cash flow and with Global Asset Finance, you get the advantage of industry-leading credit control working for your business.

Full Invoice Factoring Service

Invoice Factoring will help unlock the money tied up in your invoices, creating a fresh source of finance that gives you predictable cash flow and removes the stress of credit control, all in one easy step.

Global Asset Finance invoice factoring service enables you to release as much as 95% of the value of each invoice when you raise it, with the balance paid on collection, less our fee. It’s a simple, quick way to raise finance.

How does Full Invoice Factoring Service work?

Instead of waiting for customers to pay your invoices, you release them to us and you can draw down up to 95% of the value, immediately. We then recover the payment from your customers and pay you the balance less our fee a process that generally takes us two weeks less than the industry average.

You no longer have to wait 30, 60, or 90 days for the money to come in; you don’t have to operate with unpredictable cash flow, you don’t need your own in-house credit control. And what’s more you can protect yourself against bad debts.

Examples costing of Invoice Finance 1

Examples costing of Invoice Finance 2

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