IT Equipment Finance

IT equipment finance

Some Finance companies will not finance IT equipment because it can depreciate in value so quickly after purchase. Here at Global Asset Finance we’re much more open minded. We will underwrite your proposal based on the strength of you and your business, not just the assets. IT equipment Finance can allow for a small amount of installation, training and software.

Financing technology equipment through Global Asset Finance helps stretch your IT budget further by spreading the cost of new equipment with innovative, specialist IT technology-finance packages.

What we offer – IT Equipment Finance

Most finance companies struggle to understand the importance of technology. Hardware is often no problem but software is more difficult. At Global Asset Finance there is no distinction: we can finance all computer hardware and 100% of your software orders.

We can provide the funds for software licences and IT upgrades. In addition, we can finance IT peripherals, cabling and infrastructure.

The benefits to your business

  • Giving you the benefit of our expertise as IT hardware and software sector experts, we understand your challenges and have the experience to fund the assets you require.
  • Helping you manage cash flow you can keep funds to reinvest in your business and benefit from tax efficiencies.
  • Funding your IT hardware and software assets we can fund almost any IT hardware and software asset.
  • Approval for hardware and software finance within 24 hours. Your funds will be available immediately.
  • Providing one-stop-finance we are committed to the sector and can continue to offer asset funding solutions as your business develops and grows.

We will show you a positive way forward!

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