Individual Voluntary Agreement Advice Service

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Why good IVA advice is so important!

If you are thinking about setting up an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) it is essential to get the best advice possible, and to work with an organisation that is both professional and independent.

By getting impartial IVA advice you can be sure that you have all the facts and are choosing the best solution for you.

Good IVA advice is also important because signing up to an IVA can involve a commitment of up to five years, so it is important that you understand what you are getting into before you start.

From inception, we have been in constant contact with the major lenders, Insolvency Practitioners, and other parts of the IVA industry. This enables our Insolvency partners to give the best IVA advice possible.

The IVA advice service that we offer is completely free and impartial.

Our Approach to IVA Advice and Services

There are a number of companies who may try to persuade you to set up an IVA where it is not appropriate.

We maintain a particularly high standard of quality for the IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) services that we offer:

Impartial IVA Advice

We believe that IVA advice must take into account the perspectives of the debtor and the creditors. After all, if an IVA is not in the interests of any one party then it will not succeed.

We work with multiple industry partners to maintain this unbiased perspective.

Professional and Legitimate IVA Advice

IVA counselling must be compliant with the appropriate licensing and regulation.

All IVA advice, set up and supervision processes and systems must be defined and governed by experienced professionals.

All IVA staff should have recent and relevant experience in providing financial or debt advice.

Dedicated IVA Teams and Quality Service Levels

It is possible to approve an IVA in as little as six weeks from application and even as little as four weeks if documents can be provided by the debtor in a timely fashion.

We work continuously with creditors to understand what they are looking for from IVA proposals. This means that once an IVA has been proposed by an Insolvency Practitioner based on our advice, there is a very low rejection rate.

Building a Financially Stable Future

We look beyond the IVA itself to develop a stable financial future for the people who seek our help. For example, understanding the implications on credit rating; or turning the monthly payments into monthly savings; and selecting the most appropriate providers to help with this.

It’s hard to think straight when you’ve got a serious debt problem. You’re stressed, you can’t sleep, people constantly hound you for money and the temptation is to bury your head in the sand. What you need is honest, independent and cost-free advice on the best way of becoming debt-free.

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