Operating Lease

operating lease

A key requirement for today’s successful organisations, striving to meet market demands, in access to flexible and competitively priced finance. Operating leasing can meet these needs. Facilitating investment without capital outlay, it can aid business planning, enhance Cash flow and provide real cost advantages over other forms of funding. This has proven to be successful across many business sectors including healthcare and aviation.

Global Asset Finance operating lease programme is designed and developed to provide a cost-effective way of funding Major Corporate business and public sector finance, adding value by releasing capital for other trading activities, aiding Cash flow by spreading the cost of financing and allowing use of an asset while unloading the risks of ownership and ultimate disposal.

As patterns of business change and technology develops ever faster, treasurers and finance directors need still more innovative and flexible methods of funding the acquisition of the best equipment. Once acquired, they need to be sure that maximum value is being obtained from the assets.

Global Asset Finance operating lease programme offers service, which can meet the needs of the Public Sector. Global Asset Finance exclusive partnership means that, throughout the operating lease, assets will be managed for maximum professional performance as well as to safeguard the residual values.

Global Asset Finance technical and financial expertise can be quickly put to work structuring a competitive quote for all public sector customers, usually within one hour. An open minded approach ensures that all propositions for Public Sector is pre-cleared for finance, and no underwriting is required, all Distributor invoices will be paid within a maximum of 30 days.

We at Global Asset Finance and our partners welcome you to an exclusive programme where no competitors can match our innovative sales finance products.

Operating Lease will help your Business:

  • Fixing your costs for a set sum – You can acquire and use the asset immediately.
  • Boosting your cash flow – We fix a residual value that reduces your payments.
  • Matching your cash flow – We can tailor your repayments to match your seasonal cash flow.Giving you interest choices – You can choose fixed or variable interest to suit your needs.
  • Taking assets off balance sheet – With Operating Lease, your business could benefit.
  • Reducing your tax payments – You can reclaim VAT on your assets and usually offset your payments against taxable profits (special rules apply to cars).

Welcome to the opportunity of Public Sector Sales through an exclusive operating lease programme.

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