Portfolio Management

portfolio management

Global Asset Finance, also assists interested parties in the purchasing of asset finance portfolios and the management of insolvent portfolios for other banks and finance companies. The Global Asset Finance team also have the necessary skills, systems and capabilities to manage lending portfolios on behalf of third parties such as finance houses, receivers and other corporate bodies. Outsourcing your portfolio can save you both time and money.

Banking and finance has probably been impacted by the recession, more than any other single industry. Consequently a large number of banks and finance companies have withdrawn from the market, some by force of circumstances, others banks focusing once more on core products.

The remaining lenders are now more selective in their choice of borrower and are generally risk adverse. Most major banks are chasing a very narrow band of high quality customers and lending at fine margins.

This return to traditional markets by the banks has resulted in a large number of portfolios becoming available in the market, either to buy or to manage. Of course the quality of these portfolios varies considerably but due to prevailing market conditions, very (advantageous deals can be struck.) When coupled with Global Asset Finance Limited management capabilities this makes for a very profitable future indeed.

Global Asset Finance expertise is in handling corporate and asset finance agreements and portfolios. The company is also involved in bringing together interested vendors and manufacturers and assisting them with the development and management of financing. Together with changing tax environment structures.

With a staff that has many years experience of portfolio management. Debt management is a high priority. This is an area that Global Asset Finance has excelled in, proving our experience, and ability to maintain a low proportion of delinquents and debt on a given portfolio.

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