Private Investors

Private Investors

Private Investors options

For individuals who would like to invest in private companies, there are a number of options available when it comes to private investors, here are the options:

Venture and Development Capital Investment Trusts (VDCITs)

These investment vehicles invest principally in a range of unquoted companies and are mainly managed. The type of investments they undertake are not restricted by legislation and so they do not offer tax benefits to private investors. They are quoted on the London Stock Exchange. Their share prices are listed in the Financial Times and some other newspapers.

Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs)

VCTs are investment vehicles similar in structure to investment trusts, but they offer tax incentives to private investors as the type of investments they can make are restricted by legislation. After their initial fund raising their shares are quoted on the London Stock Exchange and are listed in the Financial Times and some other newspapers.

Business Angel Investment – (282k)

Private investors who investors who invest directly in private companies in return for an equity stake and perhaps take a seat on the company’s board are frequently known “business angels”. There are tax incentives available through the “Enterprise Investment Scheme” (EIS) where certain criteria are fulfilled.

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