Property Finance

property and development finance

Our business is run by a team of highly experienced lenders with a wealth of property experience and offering bespoke funding solutions, regardless of complexities.

This enables us to provide an exceptional service:

  • Speed of response
  • Detailed knowledge of property sectors we finance
  • Flexibility to meet our borrowers’ needs
  • A consistent and reliable approach

Each property loan application is considered on its own merits and property loan facilities are structured and priced to fit the nature and requirements of the specific application. We have a commercial approach to the traditional banking tenet of ‘risk and reward’.

Our minimum loans generally start’s at circa £50,000, unless there is the strong prospect of additional new business. Our standard maximum for individual development loans is £100,000,000. Although, we are able to arrange more by exception. It is not unusual for us to be funding a number of schemes for a client at any one time, with our partners.

All loans are granted for a period that is appropriate for the transaction, with repayment terms usually flowing from property sales or refinance.

We are comfortable lending to established companies as well as special purpose vehicles that have been incorporated specifically for the purpose of the transaction. When funding a development, particular emphasis is placed on the project management team employed to deliver it, so when lending to a company, we usually require personal guarantees, although we are prepared to limit these as appropriate. Primary security generally consists of a mortgage debenture over the borrowing vehicle and a first legal charge over the property being funded.

Please complete an online application form. Additional information maybe required. Useful as its sets out the key information that we need to be able to consider an application.

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