Property Portfolio Builder

property portfolio builder

Who’s Portfolio Builder for?

It’s for established UK property businesses wanting a flexible bridging solution from £10,000 to £500,000 that own at least 1 or more commercial properties, which includes buy-to-lets.

How does the facility operate?

The facility operates in one of two ways.

Firstly, as a replica of a normal bridging loan when a much larger amount of funds is required for a new purchase.

Secondly, as an exact replica to a normal bank overdraft which helps flatten out the peaks and troughs of late rental payments and can allow the release of funds to carry out repairs and improvements.

What can you use Portfolio Builder for?

It’s a fact that most property businesses suffer shortages of cash from time to time.

This in itself can be caused by late or missed payments by tenants, long voids or costly repairs and refurbishments.

Cash could also be needed to either refurbish existing stock or complete an existing development.

Portfolio Builder allows the property entrepreneur to smooth out the peaks and troughs, and where possible take advantage of market opportunities.


  • The facility availability is based upon a business model not on the equity in the property.
  • Almost immediate availability of funds
  • Clear and transparent charges
  • Maximum flexibility

It’s a straightforward application process

A prompt funding decision is made by an experienced professional team of underwriters. They have a personal approach and you can even apply over the phone.


It’s added on a daily basis.


Companies or individuals with commercial property experience.

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