Public Sector Finance

public sector finance

With the ever increasing pressure, on all public bodies, along with restrictions on budgets and resources, Global Asset Finance has been looking to assist the Public Sector in getting value for money on finance. In particular Global Asset Finance has excelled in putting together balance sheet finance.

Why choose an operating lease?

At Global Asset Finance we know how difficult it can be to budget ahead for capital expenditure – especially when there are so many demands on limited funds.

An operating lease frees you from the annual bidding cycle, giving you fixed regular payments.

Best of all operating lease allows you to obtain and use the equipment you require right now, rather than having to “make do” until the next purchasing round.

What is so special about an operating lease?

With an operating lease the sum of the total rental payments that you make do not cover the total value of the equipment.

The difference between what you pay over the rental period and the total value of the equipment is known as the residual value. With a Operating Lease it is Global Asset Finance and its partners which takes the residual value risk in the asset at the end of the fixed term agreement.

Most importantly, the operating lease program meets SSAP21 requirements. At the end of the initial fixed term you can return the equipment back to the lessor or extend it for a further period.

What other benefits are there?

A key benefit for many users is the knowledge that payments are fixed throughout the agreement, which allows easy financial planning and budgets.

In addition of course, there is the peace of mind of knowing there will be no surprise in the finance package. We can even build in installation, scheduled maintenance, or service call-outs.

What happens at the end of the agreement?

 There are three choices when the lease term ends:

1 – You may continue you rent the equipment/asset at a reduced rate

2 – You may simply return the equipment

3 – You can return the equipment and take out the very latest equipment

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