Sale and Leaseback

sale and leaseback

Release Cash Tied up in Equipment

Sale and Leaseback can be used to raise cash injection into the business:

Typical Assets Refinance:

Assets that we will look at with our refinance plan include:-

Sale and Leaseback enables you to unlock the capital held in your assets, so is a simple yet effective way to finance a business that is aiming for expansion.

We purchase your asset at an agreed value, and finance it back to you over a fixed period with repayments matching the income stream generated by the asset.

A sale and lease back operation is a deal in which a company sells legally owned equipment to a leasing company and leases it back for a period acceptable to both parties. Before taking on a sale and lease back operation or on a sale and rent back operation, a company has to take the following elements into consideration:

The assets to be sold must be fully owned and free of any security obligations. If the company’s goodwill is pledged in favour of a bank, this bank must give its consent prior to the deal being signed.

The sale of assets can generate either a winfall or shortfall, either of which must be taken into account from a fiscal and/or accounting point of view.

A sale and lease back operation is the answer to many problems your company may be faced with regardless of its size.

  • safeguard the availability of capital stock
  • preserve the availability of bank credit facilities
  • make funds available for a new project
  • restructure the debts
  • realise, in certain conditions, a company tax saving

Features and benefits of Sale and Leaseback

  • Injects capital into the business
  • Can reduce your monthly payments
  • Capital raised can be used for the purchase of other assets that may not be suitable for standard hire purchase or leasing
  • Funds your business
  • Continued use of the asset being refinance

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