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Supply Chain Finance is at the Forefront of Global Trade Fulfil orders and grows your business.

Supply Chain Finance (also known as SCF or Supplier Finance), is a Cashflow solution which helps businesses free up working capital trapped in global supply chains. It is a solution designed to benefit both suppliers and buyers; suppliers get paid early and buyers can extend their payment terms.

This solution allows businesses which import goods to unlock working capital as well as reduce the risk associated with buying goods in bulk and/or transporting them globally (read more about risks of supply chain finance here)

Unlocking the funds you need to fulfil your orders takes the day-to-day pressure off your purchasing.

Global Asset Finance Limited and its funding partners give you up to 120 days credit to pay local and overseas suppliers, and you just pay us back once the sale is completed. Free up working capital in your business and supply chain.

Free up valuable cash trapped in the supply chain with Global Asset Finance Limited and its funding partners Supply Chain Finance (SCF). This innovative working capital solution benefits all parties involved by leveraging relationships with anchor corporate companies to inject liquidity into the supply chain.

Global Asset Finance Limited and its funding partners offer both supplier and distributor and buyer finance programmes as part of our Supply Chain Finance solutions.

Aiming to improve your business supply chain is important to any business. Supply Chain Finance (SCF) team can assist companies in improving the financial efficiency of their supply chains by reducing the working capital of both buyers and suppliers. In addition, Supply Chain Finance provides management with a new holistic view on their business by improving the alignment between finance and procurement functions.

Supply Chain Finance is the smart option for companies wishing to diversify funding sources as well as enrich and solidify the relationships they have with their trade partners. Global Asset Finance Limited and its funding partners deliver value through an intelligent combination of outgoing payment services and web-based technology connecting all trade partners onto one single web-based platform.

Aiming to improve your supply chain is important to any business. Global Asset Finance Limited and its partners Supply Chain Finance (SCF) team can assist companies in improving the financial efficiency of their supply chains by reducing the working capital of both buyers and suppliers.


  • Access to funding so you can fulfil existing orders and accept new ones
  • Letters of credit or Supplier Undertaking to promise to the supplier that they’ll get paid if they deliver the goods.
  • Provide funding to pay for goods before they are shipped; either by deposit or full pre-payment (ex-works)
  • Pay your suppliers against shipping documentation
  • Benefit from any supplier discounts if you order in bulk or make prompt payment for goods
  • Duty, VAT and Freight paid the same day your goods arrive
  • Over 65 currencies to pay your suppliers in
  • Access to our international network providing local, on-the-ground knowledge of overseas markets
  • Optional credit management and Bad Debt Protection Foreign Exchange Services


  • Speed: Provide letters of credit within 24 hours to supplier banks, facilitating quick transactions
  • Convenience: your suppliers are paid on the same day goods are shipped, in their currency of choice
  • Flexibility: with flexible payment options that can be used in combination with each other you benefit from increased trading opportunities
  • Access: funding available until end-customer payment is received with supplier payments guaranteed
  • Support: we work alongside you through the trade cycle, from initial order to customer payment, enabling you to fulfil existing orders and accept new ones
  • Expertise: access to a team of dedicated trade and currency specialists
  • International presence: a global business operating throughout Europe, North America and Asia
  • Any delay when buying, taking delivery and selling goods can have a knock on effect on any business, especially when trading overseas.

If funds are not readily available at the point of purchase or even when placing orders, your ability to meet your customer’s expectations, or take on new customers and contracts can be weakened.

Global Asset Finance and its funding partners, can offer all or part of the funding cash your business needs upfront, meaning you can take advantage of valuable discounts and build trust with your suppliers without leaving your business exposed.

Do you have insufficient funds to place to manufacture orders or purchase goods?

Do you find it difficult to satisfy existing customer orders and to accept new ones?

Would you get a discount from suppliers if you could order in bulk or make upfront payment for goods?

Do you experience a long transport period after payment of goods tied up in your cash?

Do you pay advance cash up front to a supplier before or during the manufacture of goods?

Have you got a credit limit with some suppliers which restricts orders?

The advantages of Supply Chain Finance include:

  • Transparent trade receivables/payables statuses
  • Automatic payments and faster funding
  • Customised support for efficient rollouts
  • Broad global network to support the supplier on-boarding
  • Robust Supply Chain Finance legal structure based on best practices
  • Avoidance of any negative impact for both buyer and suppliers.

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